Suffolk County Ambulance

Find Suffolk County Massachusetts ambulances. Ambulances provide information on emergency care services and the transport of individuals to and from the hospital.

Acadian Ambulance Service of Boston 1 1st Avenue Boston MA 02129 617-423-2888

American Ambulance of Hyde Park 65 Sprague Street Boston MA 02136 617-361-4800

Boston Ambulance Service 281 Hyde Park Avenue Boston MA 02130 617-522-3060

Brewster Ambulance of Jamaica Plain 285 Hyde Park Avenue Boston MA 02130 617-983-1000

Cataldo Ambulance of Chelsea 111 Crescent Avenue Chelsea MA 02150 617-889-3940

Cataldo Ambulance of Revere 385 American Legion Highway Revere MA 02151 781-853-6704

Cataldo Ambulance of Roslindale 34 Lochdale Road Boston MA 02131 617-282-6412

Eascare Ambulance of Dorchester 500 Neponset Avenue Boston MA 02122 617-464-1600

General Ambulance Service of Boston 369 Dorchester Street Boston MA 02127 617-782-4900

SMG Ambulatory Care at Carney Hospital Ambulance 2100 Dorchester Avenue Boston MA 02124 617-506-4900

Samaritan EMS Ambulance of Allston 20 Linden Street Boston MA 02134 617-782-4900

Samaritan EMS Ambulance of Brighton 320 Washington Street Boston MA 02135 617-254-1542

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About Ambulances

What are Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS)?

Basic Lift Support and Advanced Life Support are medical protocols followed during medical emergencies. BLS is provided by Emergency Medical Technicians and largely involves monitoring vital signs. ALS is followed when more extensive treatment is needed, such as cardiac monitoring or intravenous therapy.

Who pays for emergency Ambulance transport?

In most cases, the patient, their insurance provider, or both are billed for the cost of emergency Ambulance transport. Depending on the insurance provider and the extent of medical care provided during transport, insurance may cover a large portion of the cost.

Do all Ambulance Services provide non-emergency transportation?

No. Some Ambulance Services are dedicated exclusively for use in conjunction with the 911 system and EMS purposes. These Ambulance Services are not available for scheduled or non-emergency purposes.