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What are Jail Records?

Jail Records are documents created by state and local law enforcement authorities whenever a person is arrested and taken into custody. Jail Records include important information about an individual's criminal history, including arrest logs, booking reports, and detentions in jail. These records are part of the individual's criminal record.

Jail Records are produced by local law enforcement agencies to track a person's criminal history. The police produce, maintain, and utilize Jail Records to protect the community. The record typically includes all arrests and prior criminal records, as well as mug shots and, in some cases, other court documents such as prior convictions. The information in a Jail Record may overlap with arrest records and police records.

There are a number of reasons to search for an individual's Jail Records. Looking for Jail Records can be an important part of performing a background check, which can provide employers and the public with information on the criminal history of potential employees or neighbors. Jail Records list the prior arrests and detentions for offenders. For example, a Jail Record can show if someone is a convicted sex offender or committed other serious felonies.

Police and the courts also rely on Jail Records to do their jobs. Police may search for a suspect's Jail Record to determine whether the person's prior criminal history relates to any current suspected offenses. Police may also use Jail Records to identify, locate, and capture repeat offenders. Courts may also rely on Jail Records when sentencing a convict, in order to take the individual's prior criminal history into account.

Jail Records are maintained by the local law enforcement agencies that produce the documents. If an individual is arrested multiple times, each of those arrests will be detailed in the Jail Record. Local police departments, sheriff's departments, and county jails follow their own procedures when producing Jail Records, so they may include different information. County jails, for example, may keep jail booking records, while police departments might focus on daily arrest logs.