Independence OR Public School

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Central High School 1530 Monmouth Street Independence OR 97351 503-838-0480

Henry Hill Elementary School 750 South 5th Street Independence OR 97351 503-838-0030

Independence Elementary School 150 South 4th Street Independence OR 97351 503-838-1322

Talmadge Middle School 51 South 16th Street Independence OR 97351 503-606-2252

About Independence Public Schools

Independence Public Schools are tuition-free, publicly funded schools that are legally required to accept and provide an education to all children from Kindergarten age through Grade 12 in Independence, OR. Each of the fifty state constitutions includes a requirement for the provision of a Public School system, and each state, including Oregon, also has a compulsory education law that requires school-age children to attend school.

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Independence School District

Independence Public Schools operate within school districts which are separate entities responsible for administering Public Schools. Independence school districts are led by boards or commissions who set policy for the district and appoint a Superintendent of Schools. Board and commission members may be elected by voters within the district, or in some cases may be appointed by the legislative body that serves the Polk County district. While the Oregon State impose frameworks and some minimum requirements for length of school year, teacher qualifications, curriculum and other elements of public education, the Independence school district has significant latitude within these frameworks and the authority to manage the day-to-day operation of Public Schools.

Types of Independence Public Schools

Independence Public Schools are largely organized into three groups, each serving different grade levels. Independence Elementary Schools typically serve students from Pre-K, Kindergarten or Grade 1 through Grade 5 or Grade 6. While all Public School districts begin Primary School by Grade 1, not all offer Kindergarten or Pre-K grades. Independence Middle Schools cover Grades 6 or 7 through Grade 8. Independence High Schools covers Grades 9 through 12. In small school districts, all grades may be served in one school. The completion of Grade 12 is generally considered to indicate student readiness for post-secondary education.

Specialized Public Schools in Independence

Many Public School districts offer alternatives to traditional Public School structures, including Charter Schools and Magnet Schools. Independence Charter Schools are Public Schools initiated by a parent or community group or organization to serve a special population or to provide special curricula or instructional practices. They are formed by a special charter or agreement with the school district that grants them additional flexibility in how they operate. Independence Magnet Schools are Public Schools that offer a specialized theme or subject emphasis, such as science and technology, international and cultural studies, or the arts.