Sioux County Treasurer & Tax Collector Office

Find Sioux County Iowa treasurer, tax collector, tax assessor, and property assessor offices. Treasurers and tax collectors provide information on property searches, tax bills, property liens, tax assessed values, and deductions.

Shelby County Treasurer's Office 210 Central Avenue South Orange IA 51041 712-737-3505

Sioux County Treasurer's Office 210 Central Avenue South Orange IA 51041 712-737-3505

About Sioux County Treasurer & Tax Collector Offices

Treasurer & Tax Collector Offices in Sioux County, IA are responsible for the financial management of government funds, processing and issuing Sioux County tax bills, and the collection of Sioux County personal and real property taxes. Treasurers & Tax Collectors are key departments in the broader Sioux County government.

You may contact the Treasurer & Tax Collector Offices for questions about:
  • Sioux County property records
  • Property owner and address searches
  • Sioux County property payments and bills
  • Property tax rates
  • Sioux County GIS maps, plat maps, and tax maps
  • Sioux County, IA tax sales
Sioux County Property Records

Treasurer & Tax Collection Offices make public Sioux County property records available upon request. The Office provides access to records including, historical property tax rates, property tax payment and bill history, as well as Sioux County GIS maps, tax maps, property boundary maps, and plat maps.

Tax Collection

Sioux County Tax Collectors issue tax bills, collect and process property tax payments for real and personal property, and follow up with delinquent tax payments for taxpayers in Sioux County, IA. The Sioux County Tax Collection Office is also responsible for collection of County taxes as well as licensing fees, utility fees, and fines assessed by the local government.

Treasury Responsibilities

Sioux County Treasurer's Offices receive, disburse and manage government income. The Accounts Payable Dept of the Treasurer's Office reviews, approves and makes payment for government received invoices, and maintains a record of the local government's income and expenditures. The Treasurer is also tasked with approving payments for individuals employed by the local Sioux County, Iowa government system.

Treasurers are also responsible for management of excess cash received by the Sioux County government and maximizing returns on liquidity for government invested funds, including pension and pooled municipal funds of the greater Sioux County government.