Johnson County Recycling Center

Find Johnson County Iowa recycling centers. Recycling centers provide services to both individuals and business, including services such as appliance, aluminum, bottle, copper, electronic, and scrap metal recycling.

Iowa City Recycling 3800 Napoleon Lane Iowa IA 52240 319-356-5180

Iowa City Recycling Center 3900 Hebl Avenue Southwest Iowa IA 52246 319-356-5185

About Johnson County Recycling Centers

Johnson County Recycling Centers and programs collect or accept recyclable materials and divert them out of the waste stream to recovery facilities in Johnson County, IA where they can be processed for reuse. Johnson County recycling programs involve a combination of curbside collection of recyclable materials from residential properties, dumpster collection of recyclable materials from commercial and multi-family properties, and the acceptance of recyclable materials at transfer stations or other designated facilities in Johnson County.

You may contact Recycling Centers for questions about:
  • Johnson County municipal recycling programs and services
  • Residential and commercial recycling
  • Waste collection and pickup schedules in Johnson County, Iowa
  • Scrap metal, glass and plastic recycling policies
  • Electronics, plastics and styrofoam recycling
Johnson County Recycling Programs

Recycling programs are designed to both reduce the amount of waste that must be incinerated or stored in Johnson County landfills, and to minimize the environmental impact of disposing hazardous materials, heavy metals, and other potential contaminants. Johnson County curbside collection of recyclables involves refuse collection vehicles collecting certain recyclable materials from individual households along established routes.

Recycling Curbside Collection

Johnson County curbside collection programs may accept paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, and certain types of plastic. Many counties, local governments, and private collection companies offer single stream collection. Single stream recyclable collection uses a single container for all accepted recyclable materials. The mixed materials are collected and hauled to a Johnson County Recycling Center where they are separated by type before further processing. Other curbside collection programs may require that recyclables be sorted by type of material at the curb. Johnson County curbside collection programs may include commercial properties and multi-family properties where recyclable materials must be separated and placed in designated dumpsters. In addition to glass, paper, and other common recyclable materials, some Johnson County recycling programs may offer special collection programs for materials that cannot be placed in curbside recycling bins, such as used motor oil, batteries, electrics, e-waste, and tires.

Johnson County Recycling Drop-Off Sites

Johnson County drop-off sites are available for recyclable materials at transfer stations, landfills, and other facilities. These sites provide marked containers designated for each type of recyclable material.