Johnson County Marriage License Office

Find Johnson County Iowa marriage license offices. Marriage license offices provide information on marriage certifications, wedding licenses, certificates, applications, fees, and requirements.

Johnson County Marriage License Johnson County Recorder's Office, Administration Building, 913 S Dubuque St Iowa IA 52240 319-356-6093

About Johnson County Marriage License Offices

The Johnson County Marriage License Office is a government agency responsible for processing marriage license applications, issuing marriage licenses, and recording marriage certificates in Johnson County, IA. Marriage License Offices may include Johnson County Clerk's Office, Johnson County Town & City Halls and Johnson County Courts.

You may contact the Marriage License Office for questions about:
  • Finding Johnson County marriage records online
  • Applying for a marriage license
  • Johnson County marriage license fees
  • Getting copies of marriage licenses and certificates
Johnson County Marriage Records

Marriage License Offices in Johnson County provide marriage records upon public request. Marriage records that are part of the Johnson County marriage index and other public records are useful for a variety of reasons including name changes, applying for Social Security benefits, applying for insurance, verifying property and estate rights, and establishing paternity. Johnson County marriage records are also useful to genealogists and family researchers navigating family history.

Johnson County Marriage License Applications

A marriage license authorizes a couple to get married in Iowa. When a couple submits an application for a marriage license, the Johnson County Marriage License Bureau will verify the couple's identification and determine whether they meet the minimum age requirements or have parental or guardian consent for the marriage.

Marriage License Requirements

To apply for the marriage license in Johnson County, the couple will need to provide the planned date and location of the wedding, the name of the person performing the ceremony, the names and maiden names of the couple's parents, photo identification and possibly birth certificates, and payment for the license. The application for a marriage license is usually submitted to the Marriage License Office in the county or municipality where the wedding will take place, though some states allow for the wedding to occur in a different jurisdiction.

Johnson County Marriage Certificates

Iowa statutes determine who is eligible to perform marriage ceremonies. Following the wedding, the officiant and the couple sign a Johnson County marriage certificate. The officiant is responsible for submitting the marriage certificate to the Johnson County Marriage License Office within a set period of time, typically a few days. The Marriage License Office records the certificate and sends a certified copy of the marriage certificate to the couple, usually within a few weeks. Iowa State and Federal agencies generally require a marriage certificate in order to recognize a marriage as legally valid.