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Find Holliston Massachusetts building inspectors. Building inspectors provide information on building inspections, safety codes, construction permits, and violations.

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About Holliston Building Inspectors

The Holliston Building Inspector, sometimes referred to as a Building Official, is a Middlesex County or local official responsible for ensuring that all building construction is in compliance with building codes and related regulations in Holliston, MA. Building codes establish standards for the construction of buildings and they address virtually all aspects of construction, including design requirements, building materials, electric, plumbing and other trades, parking, and resistance to natural disasters. Building Inspectors are typically employed within a Building or Development Department. A Building Department may have multiple Holliston Building Inspectors with a Chief Building Inspector overseeing all inspection activities, while smaller jurisdictions may have a single Building Inspector to conduct all building inspection activity.

You may contact the Building Inspector for questions about:
  • Holliston building inspections
  • What Building Inspectors look for
  • Building codes and violations in Holliston, MA
  • Building permits and permitting process
  • Building, elevator, and fire code compliance in Massachusetts
Holliston Construction & Plan Inspections

Holliston Building Inspectors inspect new construction, remodels, and renovations, and in some cases, they ensure the safety of vacant real estate that is the site for planned construction. As part of the process, Building Inspectors issue Holliston construction, relocation, demolition, and occupancy permits. Depending on the nature of a project, inspections may be required at any phase of construction work. Building Inspectors review and approve Holliston building plans and blueprints for new construction or major renovations in order to ensure that the plans incorporate compliance with Middlesex County building codes. While large projects are underway, Building Inspectors monitor and inspect to verify that approved plans are followed and the building meets code requirements. These building site inspections include mechanical, as well as plumbing and electrical inspections. If the project is non-compliant at any time, the Building Inspector can issue a building code violation notice and a Holliston stop work order. At the conclusion of the project, a final comprehensive inspection is conducted.

Holliston Building Inspections

Building Inspectors may also be required to inspect existing structures in Holliston to verify that they are safe for occupancy if they have been damaged by fire, a weather event, an accident, or a similar incident. Holliston elevator inspections are performed routinely to ensure elevators are safe and in compliance with local code. Building Inspectors may also inspect Holliston buildings as the result of complaints or referrals from Middlesex County law enforcement or other agencies if they suspect safety violations. Buildings that are determined to be unsafe by a Building Inspector may be condemned.

Fire Inspections

Middlesex County Fire Inspectors perform similar duties as Building Inspectors, but with an emphasis on compliance with fire codes. In some jurisdictions, the Building Inspector may also serve as the Holliston Fire Inspector.