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Big Island Police Department Arrest Warrants Search Big Island Police Department's warrant list by name, age and last known address.

Hawaii County Arrest Records Search Hawaii County, Hawaii arrest records by name, DOB, address, case number, and charges.

Hawaii State Arrest Records Search Hawaii arrest records by name, DOB, address, case number, and charges.

Hawaii State Judiciary Appellate Court Records View Hawaii State Judiciary Appellate Court opinions and orders, including application for writ of certiorari and motion for reconsideration.

Honolulu County - Honolulu FBI Field Office's Most Wanted List View Honolulu County's FBI Most Wanted List by name, including photo and case details.

Honolulu County Arrest Records Search Honolulu County, Hawaii arrest records by name, DOB, address, case number, and charges.

Honolulu County Criminal Records Criminal Records Search Honolulu County Adult Criminal Information with individual access to criminal history files; sign up required.

Honolulu Police Crime Map Search Honolulu Police crime map by violation type, region, and date range.

Honolulu Police Department Crime Maps Search Honolulu Police Department crime maps by address, landmark or zip code.

Honolulu Police Department Website View Honolulu Police Department home page, including information about community policing and contact information.

Kauai County Arrest Records Search Kauai County, Hawaii arrest records by name, DOB, address, case number, and charges.

Maui County Arrest Records Search Maui County, Hawaii arrest records by name, DOB, address, case number, and charges.

University of Hawai'i Crime Awareness and Campus Security Police Logs View University of Hawai'i Crime Awareness and Campus Security crime log by downloading the PDF link.

Find Hawaii Arrest Records

Hawaii Arrest Records contain an individual's entire criminal history record and are available from Government Offices in Hawaii. Arrest Records are considered public records and as such are available for public request from a number of government agencies including Hawaii State, County, and local law enforcement. Hawaii Police Departments and Hawaii Criminal Courts maintain Arrest Records, warrants, and mug shots.

Find Hawaii Arrest Records, including:
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  • Criminal background checks
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Find Arrest Records in Hawaii

Felony arrests, misdemeanor arrests and other criminal charges are available to the public by performing Hawaii Arrest Records searches. Hawaii Arrest Records contain Hawaii warrants, fines, criminal charges and convictions. If the arrest led to a conviction then the Hawaii Arrest Record will contain sentencing, Hawaii Court records and Hawaii jail and prison records. Arrest Records also show if an individual is registered on the Hawaii Sex Offender Registry.

Where to find Hawaii Arrest Records

Criminal records, including Arrest Records for individuals arrested in Hawaii, contain all records related to an individual's arrests, criminal charges, convictions, and jail or prison sentencing in Hawaii. Arrest Records can be requested from Hawaii Courts, Hawaii Police and Sheriff's Departments, and County and City Clerk's Offices.

Freedom of Information Act Requests

The U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) makes public information regarding an individual's arrest and criminal records available to the Hawaii public. This information contains an individual's full name and known aliases, date of birth (DOB), and age when arrested. Additional information in Hawaii Arrest Records include mugshots, fingerprints, and descriptive information such as height, identifying marks or tattoos.

Hawaii Background Checks

Criminal background checks will reveal if an individual has Hawaii Arrest Records. Employers in Hawaii use background checks to determine an individual's prior criminal history, and some employers are required by law to perform a check before hiring. Landlords in Hawaii may also consider performing background checks while assessing potential tenants. Schools, firearm vendors, consumer reporting agencies, foster care and adoption services, and Hawaii DMV offices use background checks to research Hawaii arrest and criminal records while screening applicants.