Hartselle Soil and Water Conservation

Find Hartselle Alabama soil and water conservation offices (SWCS). Soil and water conservation offices provide information about water pollution, water management and how to save water, wildlife conservation, and soil erosion.

Morgan County Soil and Water Conservation 3120 Alabama 36 East Hartselle AL 35640 256-502-8167

About Hartselle Soil and Water Conservation

Hartselle Soil and Water Conservation Districts are government agencies that provide information on conservation and management for soil, water, and related natural resources in Hartselle, AL. Their mission is to protect and improve Hartselle soil and water resources as well as conserve land, water, forests, and wildlife. In addition, Soil and Water Conservation District Associations and the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) provide conservation support on the local Hartselle level.

You may contact Soil and Water Conservation Districts for questions about:
  • Hartselle Soil and Water conservation programs
  • Natural resources in Hartselle, Alabama
  • Conservation practices
  • Hartselle soil and water surveys
  • The Soil and Water Conservation Act
Hartselle Soil and Water Protection

Offices charged with Soil and Water Conservation in Hartselle develop, implement, and enforce policies to protect natural resources. This can include issues that affect Morgan County farmers and ranchers, such as policies for grazing, animal waste, and soil erosion, as well as regulations on pest and nutrient management. They also enforce Hartselle erosion control and management practices for construction and mining, including efforts to protect water quality. Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Morgan County monitor and protect ground and surface water, including regulating Hartselle water pollution and stormwater runoff.

Conserving Water & Reducing Soil Erosion

Hartselle Soil and Water Conservation agencies also provide financial and technical support for conservation efforts. This includes programs for conserving water, reducing soil erosion, and improving water quality, such as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. Additional programs provide support for existing conservation systems in Hartselle. Cost-sharing programs to install conservation systems as well as access to Hartselle grant funding for soil and water conservation.

Conservation Education Programs in Hartselle, Alabama

Hartselle Soil and Water Conservation Districts provide educational programming on conservation. Many state Soil and Water Conservation agencies offer programming on irrigation, water management, and practices to limit soil erosion for local farmers and landowners. The SWCS also offers training and professional development for conservationists, educates policy makers on conservation practices, and helps implement policies that conserve resources.

Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act

At the Federal level, the Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act of 1977 gave the Department of Agriculture (USDA) authority over Soil and Water Conservation Offices, including conservation, protection, and enhancement of soil and water resources. Hartselle USDA Offices monitor soil and water trends, recommends policies, and develops the national Soil and Water Conservation program in Hartselle. The USDA also runs the Conservation Innovation Grants program.