Greenville Fire Department

Find Greenville Alabama fire departments, city fire stations, firefighters, brigades, chiefs, inspectors, marshals, and local volunteers. Fire departments provide information on fire risk assessment, permits, fire alarms, and safety guidance.

Brushey - Mashy Creek Volunteer Fire Department 5707 East Dogwood Trail Greenville AL 36037 334-376-5479

Bs And W Volunteer Fire Department 4623 Pettibone Road Greenville AL 36037 334-382-5698

Greenville Fire Chief 200 Cedar Street Greenville AL 36037 334-382-3134

Liberty Volunteer Fire Department 62 Ridge Road Greenville AL 36037 334-382-2966

Pigeon Creek Volunteer Fire Department 3389 Pigeon Creek Road Greenville AL 36037 334-382-4792

Searcy Volunteer Fire Department 5183 Airport Road Greenville AL 36037 334-382-3849

Shackleville Volunteer Fire Department 2016 South Shackleville Road Greenville AL 36037 334-382-1708

About Greenville Fire Departments

Greenville Fire Departments provide fire protection and emergency response services to the Greenville, AL community with a mission to prevent the loss of life and property. In addition to responding to calls for fire suppression, Greenville Fire Departments respond to medical emergencies, incidents involving hazardous materials, rescue calls, and motor vehicle or other accidents.

You may contact the Fire Department for questions about:
  • Greenville fire stations
  • 9-1-1 emergencies and first response
  • Fire and emergency preparedness
  • Greenville Fire Marshals and Inspectors
  • Greenville Fire Department jobs and employment
Fire Departments in Greenville

Greenville Fire Departments may be staffed with paid professional firefighters, volunteers, or a combination of the two. Professional Fire Services in Alabama are organized around a central command with response units, known as fire companies, geographically dispersed throughout . Greenville Volunteer Fire Departments are organized with a similar structure or as independent Fire departments and districts with their own fire company.

First Response and Fire Emergencies in Greenville, AL

In an emergency situation, 911 calls are received at a designated public safety answering point (PSAP). The Greenville PSAP routes the call to the appropriate dispatch agency, which coordinates the Greenville Fire Dept response. The responding Fire House may be determined based on geographic location or the resource needed for the call, such as an aerial ladder, fire hose, fire truck, water pumper, tanker truck, brush fire vehicle, rescue vehicle, or paramedic emergency services. In many cases, multiple Fire Stations and fire engines are dispatched to the emergency.

Greenville Fire Code Inspections

Fire prevention education is part of Fire Department operations under the authority of the Greenville Fire Marshal. Fire prevention involves the enforcement of the and Alabama Fire Code and is closely associated with the building code and building permitting process. The Fire Marshal is involved in the plan review process for new construction or renovation projects and is responsible for ensuring that Fire Code requirements are met before signing off on design plans. Other common fire prevention efforts include educational programs in Greenville schools, public information campaigns, smoke detector distribution programs, and outreach at public events. The Greenville Fire Marshal also investigates structure fires to determine their causes.