Grand Forks Museum

Find Grand Forks North Dakota museums, such as art museums and galleries, childrens museums, natural history museums, science centers and discovery museums. Museums provide exhibits related to modern and fine arts, history, science and nature, dinosaurs, engineering and more.

Dakota Science Center 308 South 5th Street Grand Forks ND 58201 701-795-8500

Myra Museum 2405 Belmont Road Grand Forks ND 58201 701-775-2216

North Dakota Museum of Art 261 Centennial Drive Grand Forks ND 58202 701-777-4195

About Grand Forks Museums

Grand Forks Museums contain a collection of scientific, historical, cultural, or artistic artifacts, specimens, and objects, usually housed within a single building or campus, which is used for research and public education in Grand Forks, ND. A Museum's collection is both a reflection of prior research efforts and the subject of current and future research. Grand Forks Museums also make collections and research accessible to the public, at least in part, through Grand Forks exhibits and educational programs. Museums and their collections may be focused on any one of a vast array of disciplines. Museums in Grand Forks can serve relatively narrow fields of interest or cover a wide terrain of subject matter.

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Natural History Museums

Grand Forks Museums of Natural History, which are often found in large metropolitan centers, own massive collections of specimens and items from the natural world, including living and extinct animals and plants, as well as geological objects such as rocks and minerals. Many also collect and display anthropological and archaeological artifacts. Much of the collection of a Museum of Natural History may not be on display.

Art Museums

Grand Forks Art Museums display works of art in galleries that may be devoted to a diverse range of artists and art genres from various eras, or an Art Museum may focus on specific artists or styles. Art Museums require substantial amounts of funding to both acquire and care for their costly collections.

History Museums

Grand Forks History Museums are dedicated to preserving and teaching about the past, and may focus on a particular historical event or movement, the history of a region or locality, or an individual of historical significance. Historical Museums may be very small. For example, many local Grand Forks Historical Societies run History Museums that are essentially a historical home or site converted into a Museum for public viewing. Others may be large and consist of multiple buildings from a historic era, restored and furnished with period pieces.

Children's Museums

Children's Museums in Grand Forks, North Dakota cover a wide range of subject matters, including scientific, historical, and cultural topics, and they are designed to engage the interest and curiosity of children. Exhibits are oriented toward young learners and are far more interactive than other Museums.

Specialty Museums

Grand Forks Specialty Museums are Museums dedicated to narrowly defined topics of interest. They include Halls of Fame, Toy Museums, Textile Museums, and Wax Museums.