Georgiana Fire Department

Find Georgiana Alabama fire departments, city fire stations, firefighters, brigades, chiefs, inspectors, marshals, and local volunteers. Fire departments provide information on fire risk assessment, permits, fire alarms, and safety guidance.

Providence - Mount Pisgah Volunteer Fire Department 1806 Starlington Road Georgiana AL 36033 334-346-2583

Garland Volunteer Fire Department 895 Reid Rd McKenzie AL 36456 6.5 miles from Georgiana 334-374-2524

Mckenzie Volunteer Fire Department 27 South Garland Road McKenzie AL 36456 6.9 miles from Georgiana 334-656-9911

Brushey - Mashy Creek Volunteer Fire Department 5707 East Dogwood Trail Greenville AL 36037 8.3 miles from Georgiana 334-376-5479

Bs And W Volunteer Fire Department 4623 Pettibone Road Greenville AL 36037 8.9 miles from Georgiana 334-382-5698

Shackleville Volunteer Fire Department 2016 South Shackleville Road Greenville AL 36037 11.5 miles from Georgiana 334-382-1708

Liberty Volunteer Fire Department 62 Ridge Road Greenville AL 36037 13.2 miles from Georgiana 334-382-2966

Pigeon Creek Volunteer Fire Department 3389 Pigeon Creek Road Greenville AL 36037 14.4 miles from Georgiana 334-382-4792

Greenville Fire Chief 200 Cedar Street Greenville AL 36037 15.1 miles from Georgiana 334-382-3134

Forest Home Volunteer Fire 7872 Forest Home Road Forest Home AL 36030 16.6 miles from Georgiana 334-382-9911

Beat Volunteer Fire Department 8 Rte 1 Red Level AL 36474 18.1 miles from Georgiana

Red Level Volunteer Fire Department Fire House Rd Red Level AL 36474 18.1 miles from Georgiana 334-469-5351

Belleville Volunteer Fire Department 7360 County Road 15 Evergreen AL 36401 18.5 miles from Georgiana 251-578-3472

Flat Rock Volunteer Fire Department 193 Wiggins Rd Evergreen AL 36401 18.5 miles from Georgiana 251-578-1990

Lyeffion Volunteer Fire Department 575 Thad Grimes Rd Evergreen AL 36401 18.5 miles from Georgiana 251-578-9344

Nymph Volunteer Fire Department 25 Nymph Ln Evergreen AL 36401 18.5 miles from Georgiana 251-966-2376

Owassa-Brownville Volunteer Fire Department Rt 3 Evergreen AL 36401 18.5 miles from Georgiana

Evergreen Fire Department 514 Rural Street Evergreen AL 36401 19.1 miles from Georgiana 251-578-7220

Loango Volunteer Fire Department 5091 Seales Lane Red Level AL 36474 20.6 miles from Georgiana 334-469-5188

Searcy Volunteer Fire Department 5183 Airport Road Greenville AL 36037 20.8 miles from Georgiana 334-382-3849

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About Fire Departments

Why does the Fire Department block lanes of traffic at an auto accident?

The Fire Department will often block one or more lanes at the scene of an auto accident to provide room for the fire personnel to respond to the emergency. The extra space helps to keep the fire personnel safe from other traffic hazards.

What should I do if I smell gas in my house?

You should evacuate your family and pets from the house. Call 911 from a safe location or a neighbor's house. Do not call 911 from inside your house. The use of a phone inside your home could ignite the gas.

What should I do when I see or hear an emergency vehicle coming towards me?

You should safely pull to the right side of the road. If you are unable to pull to the side, stop your vehicle and do not move until the emergency vehicle has passed you.