Fulton County Archives

Find Fulton County Georgia archives. Archives maintain vital, family, and genealogy records, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce records.

Atlanta Archive 55 McDonough Boulevard Southeast Atlanta GA 30315 404-802-4495

Atlanta Cannon Records Archive 3455 Peachtree Road Northeast Atlanta GA 30326 678-310-9699

Fulton County Superior Court Clerk Records Archive 136 Pryor Street Southwest Atlanta GA 30303 404-730-5355

Georgia Archive 330 Capitol Avenue Southeast Atlanta GA 30334 404-656-2393

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Are Archives open to the public?

Archives managed by government entities are generally accessible to the public. Many offer regular public hours while others may only be open by appointment. Some Archives may include special collections that restrict access more stringently than general collections. Archives maintained by private organizations may not be accessible by the public.

Can items in an Archive be borrowed in the same way as library items?

No. The public use of an Archive is much more restricted than is typical for items in a public library. Archives often require visitors to register, provide identification, and submit request forms in order to view an item in the collection. In addition, most Archives have detailed usage guidelines in place to prevent theft or loss of Archive materials.

Do Archives accept donated materials?

Yes, many Archives are interested in accepting materials of enduring historical value. Archivists will evaluate potential donations to ensure that they meet the Archive's standards. Archives will typically require that a deed of gift be signed that legally documents the transfer of ownership of the donated materials.