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Find Berrien County Georgia pharmacies and drug stores. Pharmacies provide information on prescription drugs and medicines, name brand, generic and discount drugs, over the counter (OTC) medications.

Berrien County Hospital Pharmacy 1221 East Mcpherson Avenue Nashville GA 31639 229-543-7100

Berrien Health Center Pharmacy 414 East Mcpherson Avenue Nashville GA 31639 229-686-2203

Colony Prescription Shop Pharmacy 1230 East Mcpherson Avenue Nashville GA 31639 229-686-2088

Dogwood Pharmacy 109 East Washington Avenue Nashville GA 31639 229-686-2620

Harveys Supermarket Pharmacy 207 East Mcpherson Avenue Nashville GA 31639 229-686-2696

Hometown Pharmacy 407 East Mcpherson Avenue Nashville GA 31639 229-686-9339

Rite Aid Pharmacy 402 South Davis Street Nashville GA 31639 229-686-5113

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Who owns Community Pharmacies?

Community Pharmacies are typically owned by for-profit companies. More than half are owned by major chains with a national or regional presence. Most of the independently-owned Pharmacies are located outside of the major metropolitan centers.

What are the qualifications of a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists are required to have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from an accredited pharmacy program. They must also pass two exams: The North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam. A one to two year residency is also required. All U.S. states license Pharmacists and most require the completion of a certain number of hours of internship.

Who should be notified of concerns or complaints about a Pharmacy?

Customers who believe they have been given the wrong medication by their pharmacist should notify their physician and pharmacist immediately. Concerns about erroneous prescriptions or medication should also be reported to the state Board of Pharmacy. Complaints about pricing should be addressed with the patient's prescribing practitioner and the Pharmacy. Complaints about insurance coverage and co-pays should be directed to the state's insurance regulatory agency.