Fresno Park in Elk River Minnesota

Address and phone number for Fresno Park, a Park, at Fresno Street Northwest, Elk River MN.

Fresno Park
Fresno Street Northwest, Elk River, Minnesota, 55330

About Fresno Park

Fresno Park, located in Elk River, MN, is a Park that offers outdoor recreation and nature preservation. A public space open to the general public, the Park offers open spaces under the maintenance of the Elk River Parks Department.

You may contact Parks for questions about:
  • Reserving Park facilities
  • Elk River Park special events calendar
  • Athletic fields, training facilities, and sports facilities
  • Elk River Park permits
  • Minnesota State Parks & National Parks
  • Finding a Sherburne County Park
Park Facilities

The Park in Elk River offers facilities and amenities for visitors, including walking paths, jogging and biking paths, and open recreation spaces. Visitors to the Park use the green space for recreation, leisure, or athletics. The Park offers public restrooms and amenities like picnic tables, benches, open lawns, and a playground. Contact the Park for more information about its facilities.

Park Reservations and Permits

The Fresno Park allows reservations for its facilities, which visitors can request through the Elk River Parks Department. The Parks Department grants permits for events, including permits for playfields to hold athletic competitions and facility reservations of Elk River event spaces, performing arts areas, or other facilities. The Parks Department sets the rental rates and reservation policies for Elk River Parks. Contact the Park or the Parks Department for questions about reservations and permits.

Athletic Park Facilities in Elk River, MN

In Elk River, Athletic Park facilities include fields and other facilities designed for recreational and competitive sports. The Elk River Athletic Park facilities include baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and soccer fields. In addition to outdoor facilities, Parks in Elk River offer indoor sports complexes that include locker rooms, training facilities, and other facilities for sports. Contact the Fresno Park or the Elk River Parks Department for more information about Athletic Park facilities in the Sherburne County area.

Minnesota State Parks & National Parks

Managed by the Minnesota state government or the federal government, Minnesota State Parks and National Parks in the Sherburne County area preserve the area's environmental, historical, and cultural significance. Designated for conservation, National and State Parks act as recreation areas and tourist destinations. The U.S. National Parks Service manages National Parks, while the Minnesota Department of Conservation or Department of Environmental Protection manages Minnesota State Parks.

Contact Fresno Park

You may contact Fresno Park by calling 763-635-1150, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Fresno Park, Fresno Street Northwest, Elk River, Minnesota, 55330.

Map of Fresno Park in Elk River Minnesota

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