Social Security Offices in Florida

There are 25 Social Security Offices in Florida, serving a population of 20,278,447 people in an area of 53,618 square miles. There is 1 Social Security Office per 811,137 people, and 1 Social Security Office per 2,144 square miles.

The state of Florida is ranked 46th in Social Security Offices per capita, and 22nd in Social Security Offices per square mile.

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Florida Social Security Statistics

Find Florida Social Security Income, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Public Health Insurance Coverage, Medicare Coverage, and Medicaid Coverage. Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey, 2018 ACS 5-Year Estimates.

Florida Social Security Income
 FloridaUnited States
With Social Security Income2,832,85937,017,540
No Social Security Income4,788,90182,712,588
Florida Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
 FloridaUnited States
With Supplemental Security Income385,0846,449,860
No Supplemental Security Income7,236,676113,280,268
Florida Public Health Insurance Coverage
 FloridaUnited States
Public Health Insurance7,481,815 (36.9%)110,186,951 (34.7%)
No Other Coverage4,261,295 (21.0%)64,290,744 (20.2%)
Florida Medicare Coverage
 FloridaUnited States
Medicare Coverage4,342,389 (21.4%)53,882,811 (16.9%)
No Other Coverage1,559,182 (7.7%)15,891,208 (5.0%)
Age: Under 1930,304479,037
Age: 19-64 Years484,6247,383,831
Age: 65 Years+3,827,46146,019,943
Florida Medicaid Coverage
 FloridaUnited States
Medicaid Coverage3,739,612 (18.4%)63,906,660 (20.1%)
No Other Coverage2,621,167 (12.9%)47,493,124 (14.9%)
Age: Under 191,853,55729,795,069
Age: 19-64 Years1,310,04027,509,492
Age: 65 Years+3,996,13047,941,031