Miami-Dade County Victim Assistance Center

Find Miami-Dade County Florida victim assistance centers. Victim assistance centers provide information about crime and criminal victimization, domestic violence, NOVA, victims compensation funds and impact statements.

Dade Advocates For Victims Assistance 51 West Mowry Drive Homestead FL 33030 305-247-4249

Dade County Advocates Victims Assistance 150 Northwest 79th Street Miami FL 33150 305-758-2819

Dade County Family & Victims Assistance 1251 Northwest 36th Street Miami FL 33142 305-514-6810

Miami Dade County Victims Assistance 7831 Northeast Miami Court Miami FL 33138 305-758-2546

Miami Florida Victims Assistance 2961 Southwest 19th Terrace Miami FL 33145 305-482-3339

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Can victims of any crime receive victim compensation assistance or restitution?

Eligibility for victim compensation or restitution varies by state. Generally, anyone who has suffered a crime-related injury or mental trauma may be eligible to request compensation or restitution. In cases of crime-related death, the victim's family may be able to request compensation. In some states, a victim suffering economic losses or damages may also be able to request restitution.

What is the source of funding for victim compensation funds?

Funding for victim compensation funds comes from penalties and fines paid by convicted offenders. Inmates who are earning wages while incarcerated may be required to pay into a victim compensation fund. Private donations may also be made to victim compensation funds.

How are victims protected after an offender is released from prison?

Depending on the type of case, special conditions may be placed on the offender's release from prison. These conditions may involve no-contact provisions or prohibitions against coming within a certain distance of a victim's home. Victims may also receive end of sentence notifications and community release notifications.