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Perform a free Broward County FL public professional license search, including social work, engineering (PE), physician's assistant (PA), physical therapy (PT), and accounting (CPA) licenses. You can also verify pharmacy, nursing, family marriage counseling, psychiatrist, psychologist, medical physician, dental, occupational therapy (OT), optometry, veterinary, athletic trainer, architecture, land surveyor licenses, and more.

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Is every professional required to file with the local and state governments?

No. Only certain professions are regulated by the state and require a license. This typically includes physicians, dentists, attorneys, architects, engineers, and a number of other professions. In many cases, private professional organizations certify the licenses. Contractors are required to hold a license as well, but the requirements vary by state.

Do beauticians need a professional license?

Yes, in every state beauticians must be licensed by the state's board of cosmetology. A cosmetology license certifies that the cosmetologist has passed a written exam or completed other requirements to certify their abilities. Some states require apprenticeship hours or a physical exam in addition to the written exam.

What information is available about an attorney from a Professional License Search?

A Professional License Search will include the attorney's bar license number, the date he or she was admitted to the bar, and whether the attorney is active or inactive. Inactive lawyers are not eligible to practice law but they are in good standing with the state supreme court. Information on licensed attorneys is retained by the state bar association.