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Is Every Contractor Required to File With Local and State Governments?

No. Contractors are typically required to obtain a license to perform commercial or residential contracting, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or gas services, but the requirements for holding a contractor's license vary by state. Some states only require licenses for projects over a certain dollar amount.

Can Contractors Face Penalties If They Do Not Have a License?

Yes. If contractors work without a license when required by law to have one, they can be fined, fired from the job, or face jail time. Unlicensed contractors may also not have legal recourse if their client refuses to pay.

What Is the Difference Between a Licensed Contractor and a Registered Contractor?

Licensing requires a contractor to pass exams and meet certain criteria to demonstrate competency in a trade. Registration is document stating who is performing the contracting work, which does not guarantee the contractor's expertise or competency. Licensing and registration requirements vary by state.