21628 FDA Office

Find 21628 FDA offices, centers, labs and buildings of the US Food and Drug Administration. FDA offices provide information on food safety and recalls, drugs, pharmaceutical and medication approval, research, testing and regulation, medical devices, vaccines, cosmetics, tobacco products and regulatory science and consumer safety.

FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Dundalk Marine Terminal 2700 Broening Highway Baltimore MD 21222 32.7 miles from 21628 410-631-0322

FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Wilmington 920 North King Street Wilmington DE 19801 40.6 miles from 21628 302-573-6447

FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Baltimore District Office 6000 Metro Drive Baltimore MD 21215 42.8 miles from 21628 410-779-5455

About FDA Offices

If the FDA does not monitor meat, poultry, and egg products, who does?

The FDA is responsible for about 80% of the food consumed in the U.S. However, the FDA does not monitor meat, poultry, and egg products. The Food Safety Inspection Services of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for the safety, proper packaging, and labeling of meat, poultry, and egg products.

What is a recall?

A recall is when a product is removed from the market because it is defective, potentially harmful, or poses some safety threat. Recalls can either be voluntary on the part of the company or can be in response to action by the FDA.

Do over the counter medications follow the same approval process as prescription drugs?

No. For over the counter drugs, the FDA tests the active ingredients and labeling. Once the safety, effectiveness, and labeling of the active ingredient has been established, new products that comply with a set of standards for that active ingredient generally do not require new approval.