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What is an Employment Department?

An Employment Department is a state agency responsible for workforce development, connecting employers to qualified employees, and providing supportive services to unemployed and disabled workers. The Employment Department is often organized as one branch within a Department of Labor or Department of Economic Development.

Most state Employment Departments operate Job Centers, which serve as one-stop access points for a broad range of employment services. For job seekers, Job Centers offer employment workshops and résumé assistance, career path information, electronic job banks, apprenticeship opportunities, and job fair announcements. Employers can access recruitment services, information on tax credit programs, and labor market information through Job Centers. Most Job Center services are offered online as well as in field or satellite offices located throughout the state. Job Centers with a physical presence also allow job seekers to utilize computers, phones, fax machines and other office equipment in their job search efforts. Job Centers are available to all individuals, without limitations or eligibility requirements.

Employment Departments work in close cooperation with Workforce Development Boards to identify existing and future workforce needs and develop strategies for fostering a workforce that meets the needs of employers and the economy.

Employment Departments often offer specialized services for veterans re-entering the workforce. Veterans may receive transition assistance, priority job referrals, and the support of dedicated workforce case managers.

Workers with disabilities may also be able to access specialized services that provide assistance in addressing unique barriers to employment. In addition to job placement and career counseling, individuals with disabilities may receive vocational rehabilitation services and counseling on how to manage the impact that earned income can have on disability benefits.

Many states that see a significant influx of seasonal and migrant workers have established programs to coordinate referrals to employment opportunities and other community services for seasonal and migrant workers. Often these services are offered in multiple languages.

Employment Departments may also administer other programs typically associated with a Department of Labor, such as unemployment benefits, unemployment insurance, or workers' compensation insurance.