Elrod Utilities

Find Elrod Alabama utilities. Utilities provide information on public services including electricity (power and light companies), oil and gas (home heating and cooking), waste and sewage companies.

Buhl Elrod Holman Water Authority 35446 Sipsey Valley Road Buhl AL 35446 3.9 miles from Elrod 205-333-0231

Coker Water Authority 11556 Eizenhower Drive Coker AL 35452 6.1 miles from Elrod 205-339-6946

Southern Natural Gas Company 9001 Energy Lane Northport AL 35476 8.6 miles from Elrod 205-333-0239

Sand Springs Water Authority 13951 Alabama 171 Northport AL 35475 9.6 miles from Elrod 205-339-9807

Southern Natural Gas Company 17828 Mormon Road Northport AL 35475 12.6 miles from Elrod 205-339-4759

Carrolls Creek Water Authority 14462 Firehouse Road Northport AL 35475 13.1 miles from Elrod 205-333-1140

City of Tuscaloosa Water and Sewer Department 2621 Old Kaulton Road Tuscaloosa AL 35401 13.8 miles from Elrod 205-349-0280

Tuscaloosa Sewer Department 4010 Kauloosa Avenue Tuscaloosa AL 35401 14.6 miles from Elrod 205-248-5900

Fosters-Ralph Water Authority 17109 Ralph Loop Road Ralph AL 35480 14.9 miles from Elrod 205-758-0908

Alabama Power 110 4th Avenue Northeast Reform AL 35481 15.4 miles from Elrod 205-375-4202

Pickens County Water Authority 90 Phoenix Avenue Carrollton AL 35447 17.5 miles from Elrod 205-367-8923

Pickens County Water Warehouse 245 Phoenix Avenue Carrollton AL 35447 17.6 miles from Elrod 205-367-2132

Englewood-Hulls Water System 11276 Crocker Drive Tuscaloosa AL 35405 18.2 miles from Elrod 205-345-9333

Mitchell Water System Inc 11389 Monticello Drive Duncanville AL 35456 20.6 miles from Elrod 205-759-2728

Peterson Water Works 12803 Holt Peterson Road Cottondale AL 35453 20.9 miles from Elrod 205-556-7785

Enbridge Pipeline Co 13969 Bear Creek Road Duncanville AL 35456 22.1 miles from Elrod 205-758-1031

Pickens County Natural Gas Mobile Road Aliceville AL 35442 22.8 miles from Elrod 205-373-2889

Alabama Power Company 305 3rd Avenue Northwest Aliceville AL 35442 22.9 miles from Elrod 800-245-2244

Aliceville Water Department 311 3rd Avenue Northwest Aliceville AL 35442 22.9 miles from Elrod 205-373-2365

Millport Water Plant 324 Margaret Street Millport AL 35576 26.8 miles from Elrod 205-662-4625

About Public Utility Companies

What is a Stormwater Utility?

A Stormwater Utility is created to manage the collection and treatment of stormwater that results from runoff on streets, highways, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces. The Utility pays for the operation of the stormwater management system by charging fees to developers or the owners of property with impervious surfaces.

What is a Refuse Collection Utility?

Even though refuse, or garbage, collection can be provided by multiple service providers without a monopoly, some county and local governments create a monopoly by authorizing just one vendor or by providing the service with in-house resources. The service functions as a Refuse Collection Utility in that customers are typically charged a monthly fee or a fee based on the amount of refuse they dispose.

Can Utilities terminate a customer's service?

A Utility provider can terminate a customer's service for non-payment. However, there are often restrictions on when a Utility can terminate service. Utilities must usually give advance notice of service termination and advise the customer of steps they can take to avoid termination. In states with cold climates, there may be restrictions on terminating natural gas service, or electric service to customers who heat with electricity, during the winter months. Other restrictions involving terminating services to vulnerable customers may also apply.