23824 Board Of Elections

Find 23824 board of elections, elections departments, commissioners, supervisors, board of registrars, and registrar of voters. Boards of elections provide information on voter registration, voting results, absentee voting, and primary elections.

Amelia County Board of Elections 9127 Washington Street Amelia Court House VA 23002 17.7 miles from 23824 804-561-3460

Lunenburg County Board of Elections 160 Courthouse Sq Lunenburg VA 23952 18.5 miles from 23824 434-696-3071

Dinwiddie County Board of Elections 14016 Boydton Plank Road Dinwiddie VA 23841 21.3 miles from 23824 804-469-4500

Brunswick County Board of Elections 100 Old Tobacco Drive Lawrenceville VA 23868 21.6 miles from 23824 434-848-4414

Prince Edward County Board of Elections 124 North Main Street Farmville VA 23901 27.5 miles from 23824 434-392-4767

Powhatan County Board of Elections 3834 Old Buckingham Road Powhatan VA 23139 31.4 miles from 23824 804-598-5604

Cumberland County Board of Elections PO Box 125 Cumberland VA 23040 31.6 miles from 23824 804-492-4504

Chesterfield County Board of Elections 9848 Lori Road Chesterfield VA 23832 32.4 miles from 23824 804-748-1471

Petersburg County Board of Elections PO Box 1031 Petersburg VA 23804 33.0 miles from 23824 804-733-8071

Colonial Heights County Board of Elections 201 James Ave Colonial Heights VA 23834 33.9 miles from 23824 804-520-9277

Greensville County Board of Elections 1781 Greensville County Circle Emporia VA 23847 34.9 miles from 23824 434-348-4228

Emporia County Board of Elections 201 S Main St Emporia VA 23847 36.1 miles from 23824 434-634-9533

Charlotte County Board of Elections 115 Legrande Avenue Charlotte Court House VA 23923 36.8 miles from 23824 434-542-5856

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections 439 U.S. 58 Bus Boydton VA 23917 37.0 miles from 23824 434-738-6191

Prince George County Board of Elections 6602 Courts Drive Prince George VA 23875 38.9 miles from 23824 804-722-8748

Hopewell County Board of Elections 309 N 2nd Ave Hopewell VA 23860 39.7 miles from 23824 804-541-2232

Sussex County Board of Elections PO Box 1302 Sussex VA 23884 40.4 miles from 23824 434-246-1047

Richmond County Board of Elections 900 E Broad St Rm 105 Richmond VA 23261 41.1 miles from 23824 804-646-5950

Goochland County Board of Elections 1800 Sandy Hook Road Goochland VA 23063 42.3 miles from 23824 804-556-5803

Buckingham County Board of Elections 13012 West James Anderson Highway Buckingham VA 23921 43.2 miles from 23824 434-969-4304

About Boards Of Elections

Do all counties and local governments have a Board of Elections?

Yes. All counties and local governments have an office charged with monitoring and conducting elections. In some jurisdictions, this entity may have a different name, such as Board of Registrars, but it has the same authority and responsibilities as a Board of Elections.

Do state governments have Boards of Elections?

Some states have offices with the title Board of Elections. However, these state-level offices are usually established for the purpose of elections enforcement and the investigation of complaints. They do not have the breadth of responsibility for conducting elections typically associated with county and local boards of elections. In addition, all but three states have a Secretary of State with some elections oversight authority.

Do voters have to register every year or every election?

No. Once a voter is registered, he or she is permanently registered and will remain on the voter list until the voter is removed due to death or relocating to a new voting district.