Eads Child Support Office

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Eads Child Support & Enforcement Office PO Box 187 Eads CO 81036 719-438-5541

About the Eads Child Support Office

The Eads Child Support Office is part of a national system for child support enforcement in Eads, CO. Colorado is required by law to operate a child support enforcement program and to establish an office or division specifically for that purpose. In most states, the Child Support Office is part of a human services or social services department or the Attorney General's Office. In a few cases, the Child Support Agency is a division within the Revenue Department.

You may contact the Child Support Office for questions about:
  • Eads Child Support program and services
  • Child support hearings and cases
  • Child support obligations, payments and fees
  • Child support account information
  • Paternity tests in Eads, CO
Eads Child Support Payments

The Office of Child Support Services in Eads is responsible for ensuring that non-custodial parents make child support payments. The Eads Child Support Office typically engages in all phases of the child support process, from locating non-custodial parents and establishing paternity to establishing Kiowa County child support case and Eads Family Court orders and enforcing child support payments. In addition to child support payments, an Eads child support order may also address a child's health care and medical support.

Child Support Enforcement in Eads, CO

The Eads Division of Child Support has extensive authority in the enforcement of child support orders, including wage garnishment, filing liens on property in Eads, Colorado, and suspending driver's licenses and professional or trade licenses. The Department of Child Support works cooperatively with the Kiowa County Court System to enforce support orders. Eads Child Support Services also offers supportive services to help non-custodial parents in meeting their obligations through referrals to employment services or co-parenting and healthy fatherhood programs.

Federal Child Support Enforcement

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is housed within the Department of Health and Human Services. The OCSE is charged with the oversight of all child support programs in Eads, conducting reviews and audits of Colorado State, territory, and tribal programs. Colorado State is required to submit plans for the implementation of its support enforcement programs, which are subject to review and approval by OCSE. The OCSE also provides states and tribes with policy recommendations, training, and technical assistance. The Federal government reimburses approximately two-thirds of the CO Child Support Office costs.