13040 Department of Transportation

Find 13040 departments of transportation, highways, roads, and bridge departments. Departments of transportation provide information on public transport, including roads, highways, bridges, traffic conditions, closures, tolls and travel information.

Cincinnatus Highway Department 2768 Lower Cincinnatus Road Cincinnatus NY 13040 607-863-4500

Solon Highway Department 4012 North Tower Road Cincinnatus NY 13040 607-836-6246

Taylor Town Highway Department 3254 Cheningo Solon Pond Road Cincinnatus NY 13040 607-863-3716

Highway Department McDonough 220 County Road 8 McDonough NY 13801 10.0 miles from 13040 607-647-5400

New York State Department Of Transportation 3668 New York 281 Cortland NY 13045 14.3 miles from 13040 607-756-7072

Preston Highway Department 671 Tamarac Road Oxford NY 13830 16.3 miles from 13040 607-336-1013

Preble Highway Department 6839 Otisco Valley Road Preble NY 13141 16.8 miles from 13040 607-749-2710

New York State Department Of Transportation 4480 New York 12 Oxford NY 13830 19.3 miles from 13040 607-843-6884

Nanticoke Highway Department 755 Cherry Valley Hill Road Maine NY 13802 19.3 miles from 13040 607-692-3311

Fabius Highway Garage 1462 Hills Road Fabius NY 13063 19.5 miles from 13040 315-683-5612

Richford Highway Department 10 Town Barn Road Berkshire NY 13736 19.6 miles from 13040 607-657-2770

Oxford Highway Department 148 Town Barn Road Oxford NY 13830 20.1 miles from 13040 607-843-5501

Summerhill Town Highway Department 6465 Creech Road Locke NY 13092 20.6 miles from 13040 315-496-2227

Norwich Town Highway Garage 5589 County Road 32 Norwich NY 13815 21.7 miles from 13040 607-337-2306

Maine Highway Department 17 Old Nanticoke Road Maine NY 13802 22.3 miles from 13040 607-862-9209

US Transportation Department Johnson City 2488 Airport Road Johnson City NY 13790 24.5 miles from 13040 607-729-6145

Lafayette Transportation Department 2789 U.s. 11 LaFayette NY 13084 25.7 miles from 13040 315-677-3168

Morrisville Department Of Transportation 120 Eaton Street Hamilton NY 13346 27.2 miles from 13040 315-684-3671

Hamilton Highway Garage 7648 Cranston Road Earlville NY 13332 27.2 miles from 13040 315-691-5152

Moravia Transportation Department Keeler Street Moravia NY 13118 27.4 miles from 13040 315-497-0530

About Transportation Departments

How does the United States pay for transportation infrastructure and improvements?

The major source of funding for federal highway and transit investment is the Highway Trust Fund. The fund receives revenues from gasoline and other motor fuel taxes and from taxes on heavy trucks and truck tires.

How does electronic toll collection work for drivers that don't have a transponder?

Some states have transitioned to electronic tolls and do not provide lanes for paying tolls by cash. Many states have installed license plate recognition systems for vehicles that do not have a transponder and thus are not equipped for electronic toll collection. This system records the vehicle's license plate as it passes through the toll and generates a bill based on the vehicle's registration information.

Why does highway or road construction take place during the day in some places and at night in other locations?

Highway and road construction schedules are based on a number of different factors, including the safety of workers and the public, the impact on motorists through the work zone, and the impact on area schools and hospitals.