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Find 21797 Department of Defense offices. Department of Defense offices provide information on national security and the armed forces.

US Department of Defense - American Battle Monuments Commission 2300 North Clarendon Boulevard Arlington VA 22201 30.3 miles from 21797 703-696-6900

US Department of Defense - Pentagon 1000 Defense Pentagon Washington DC 20301 31.6 miles from 21797 703-697-6114

US Department of Defense - Public Affairs 1400 Defense Pentagon Washington DC 20301 31.6 miles from 21797 703-571-3343

US Department of Defense - Secretary of Defense 4000 Defense Boulevard Washington DC 20301 32.9 miles from 21797 703-545-6700

US Department of Defense - Strategic Studies 9302 Lee Highway Fairfax VA 22031 33.1 miles from 21797 703-218-3565

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What is the difference between the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?

Both are members of the Intelligence Community, which is comprised of sixteen different intelligence agencies. While the DIA is focused on providing intelligence related to combat related missions, the CIA is primarily designed to provide foreign intelligence to the President and cabinet.

What types of civilian jobs exist in the Department of Defense?

Civilian jobs in the Department of Defense span a vast range of fields, including engineering, science, procurement, transportation, logistics, information technology, and legal services. Some career pathways are specifically designed for students and recent graduates, including internship programs and the Presidential Management Fellows Program.

How are the Unified Commands organized?

The Unified Commands connect the President and the Secretary of Defense to the military forces. There are nine Unified Commands. Five are assigned to specific geographic regions, while four have worldwide responsibilities.