Denver Ambulance

Find Denver Colorado ambulances. Ambulances provide information on emergency care services and the transport of individuals to and from the hospital.

Capital City Ambulance of Denver 10200 East Girard Avenue Denver CO 80231 303-671-0188

Mile High Ambulance of Denver 8200 East Pacific Place Denver CO 80231 303-564-6636

Mobility Transportation & Services Ambulance 4275 Milwaukee Street Denver CO 80216 303-295-3900

Northglenn Ambulance of Denver 1338 South Valentia Street Denver CO 80247 303-745-7773

We Care Medical Transportation Ambulance of Denver 1642 South Parker Road Denver CO 80231 303-751-2566

About Denver Ambulances

Denver Ambulances provide emergency and non-emergency medical transport for patients going to hospitals, medical centers, and other health care facilities in Denver, CO. Ambulance Services can be provided by a variety of Denver government, private non-profit, or for-profit entities. Denver Ambulance Service providers may only provide transport services, or they may offer transport services in conjunction with Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

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Denver Emergency Ambulance Service

Denver Emergency Ambulance Services is one component of a network of resources activated during a medical emergency. Emergency response is a coordinated effort, usually between multiple agencies, which typically involves Denver 911 dispatch, on-scene care by first responders, and transport to an appropriate facility. When provided in conjunction with EMS, Ambulance Services are often operated as part of a county or local government Denver Emergency Services Department or Denver Public Safety Department. In addition to transport capability, the Ambulance may be staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics who are qualified to provide Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support to patients experiencing medical emergencies.

Denver Private Ambulance Service

Denver and local governments may also contract out EMS and Ambulance Services to private organizations that provide both EMS and transport services. Hybrid arrangements are also common, in which Ambulance Services are contracted to a private organization, while or local EMS staff provide both on-scene care as well as pre-hospital medical care during transport.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Denver Ambulance Services are also necessary for a variety of non-emergency situations, normally on a scheduled basis. Ambulances are often a medical necessity for a patient's transport for planned medical services, such as to a dialysis facility for end-stage renal disease patients. Denver Ambulance providers also transport nursing home residents to health care providers, often on a contractual basis with the nursing home. Ambulance Service providers also offer chair car services in vehicles equipped with side wheelchair lifts. Unscheduled non-emergency Ambulance transportation may be provided in, in some cases, such as when transport is needed to diagnose or treat a patient's health condition and the use of any other method of transportation would endanger the patient's health.