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Delaware Transit Corporation Website Employee Directory, Driving Records, Professional License Search Search Delaware Transit site for regulations and procedures involved in registering as a public carrier in Delaware. Search Records

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What are Driving Records?

Driving Records are documents relating to licensed drivers and their driving histories. All states maintain Driving Records to monitor problem drivers and to promote public safety. Driving Records contain information on citations or warnings for speeding, tickets and convictions for reckless driving, and convictions for driving while under the influence (DUI/DWI).

Driving Records contain a range of information about drivers and their history. They are connected to the driver's license, which has the driver's name, date of birth, current residence, and the driver's license identification number. Driving Records also list the current state of an individual's license, including current or former suspensions, revocations, or cancellations.

There are a number of different types of Driving Records, which are maintained by the state or in federal databases. All states keep records on everyone who has received citations or warnings for speeding. They also maintain records on drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence as well as convictions for reckless driving. This information may be used by police officers and traffic court judges to understand a driver's history before issuing a ticket or imposing a sentence.

States also maintain Driving Record abstracts for use by insurance agencies. These records contain the driver's history for a set period of time, typically three, five, or seven years. They list all traffic violations and accidents, the status of the driver's license and any points on the license, and convictions. Insurance agents use these Driving Records to set car insurance premiums.

Driving Records are an important part of a background check. The driver's past convictions or tickets for driving-related infractions may be used by employers to determine whether, or not, to hire a candidate. This is particularly true if the job involves driving a company vehicle. School bus districts, for example, screen the driving history of all potential school bus drivers. Volunteer organizations may also use Driving Records to screen volunteer drivers.