Davis College

Find Davis California colleges and universities, such as state, community, public, and private colleges, universities, and technical schools. Colleges and universities provide information on degree programs, such as associate degrees, bachelor degrees, masters degrees, doctorate degrees, and trade certifications, college applications, financial aid, tuition, and student alumni resources.

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About Davis Colleges

Davis Colleges are institutions that offer post-secondary education through a range of degree or vocational programs in Davis, CA. Although there are distinctions between the two, the term College in the United States is typically used to refer to both Colleges and Universities. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports that there are more than 4,700 post-secondary degree-granting institutions in the U.S.

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Types of Davis Colleges

There are several types of Davis colleges, each of which offers different degree programs. Four-year Colleges in Davis typically offer Bachelor's degrees in science or liberal arts, and may also offer graduate-level degrees. Davis Junior Colleges and Community Colleges offer Associate degrees in two-year programs. In most cases, students earning two-year Associate degrees can apply their credited work towards a four-year degree at another College. Davis Universities offer a wider range of degree programs. At the graduate level, Universities offer multiple programs leading to Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Davis Public & Private Colleges

Colleges in Davis can be public or private. Davis Public Colleges are generally established as Universities offering a full range of degree programs. Most Public Universities are run by California State. Public Universities receive a portion of their funding from the California government, which makes their tuition comparatively lower than Davis Private Colleges and Universities. Appointed boards of trustees oversee Public Universities. Private Colleges and Universities in Yolo County rely on tuition and fundraising as their main revenue sources, and they tend to have more expensive tuition than Public Universities.

Accredited Colleges in Davis, California

There are numerous independent accrediting agencies that establish the operating standards for educational institutions in Davis. Colleges that maintain educational standards associated with reputable institutions of higher learning can obtain accreditation from an accrediting authority. Davis accredited Colleges are generally viewed as schools that meet acceptable levels of quality.