New London County Recycling Center

Find New London County Connecticut recycling centers. Recycling centers provide services to both individuals and business, including services such as appliance, aluminum, bottle, copper, electronic, and scrap metal recycling.

Groton Recycling 295 Meridian Street Groton CT 06340 860-446-4127

Montville Town Recycling 241 Maple Avenue Montville CT 06382 860-848-9411

Norwich Recycling 73 Rogers Road Norwich CT 06360 860-823-3796

Stonington Recycling 152 Elm Street Stonington CT 06378 860-535-5099

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About Recycling Centers

What happens to the Recyclable materials after they have been collected?

For most Recyclables, the materials are sorted, cleaned, and broken down into raw materials that can be used to manufacture new goods. These raw materials are sold to manufacturers based on market conditions, and after processing, they are ultimately sold to consumers as new goods.

How can households dispose of hazardous materials?

Many communities offer household hazardous waste disposal events, often on a regional basis, where residents may drop off items such as paint, cleaners, pesticides, and other products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients. In some instances, the businesses that sell these products may accept them for Recycling.

What is e-waste?

E-waste refers to discarded electronic or electrical devices. Formal Recycling programs for e-waste are becoming increasingly common, partly because many components of these devices are re-usable, but also because certain harmful components in e-waste require special handling.