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Find Connecticut golf courses. Golf courses can be public or private, and provide a facility for individuals to play golf, take golf lessons, and buy golf equipment.

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What is a Golf Course?

A Golf Course contains both the grounds on which golf is played as well as any ancillary or supporting facilities and amenities. A typical Golf Course has at least one 9-hole or 18-hole playing ground, practice areas for driving and putting, changing rooms, lockers, and shower facilities, a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar, a golf shop, and a parking area. In addition to providing golfers with the opportunity to play, many courses offer other services, including golf lessons and spa services. Some Golf Courses may also provide amenities such as a fitness center, swimming pools, or tennis courts.

Golf Courses can be privately or publicly owned. Privately-owned Golf Courses may be open to the public as well as members, or use may be restricted exclusively to members. A Public Golf Course can refer to a privately-owned course that is open to members of the general public. A typical cost structure for a privately-owned course would include annual dues paid by members and pay-to-play fees paid by the general public. Golf Courses may offer membership tiers with different dues, such as individual, family, or corporate memberships.

Publicly-owned Golf Courses are usually owned by a municipality. Municipal Golf Courses may be operated with in-house staff and resources, or they may contract these services out to a golf management company. The management company may be paid a flat fee for management services or it may receive a share of revenues generated by the Golf Course. Municipal Golf Courses are open to the public, but many also offer memberships.

In addition to standard 18-hole or 9-hole courses that feature a mix of par-3, par-4, and par-5 holes, there are other variations of Golf Courses. Executive Courses consist of shorter holes and has a greater emphasis on par-3 holes. A Par-3 Course consists solely of par-3 holes. An Approach Course is a shorter course designed to focus on chipping and pitching onto a green and putting.