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Perform a free Cranston RI public tax records search, including assessor, treasurer, tax office and collector records, tax lookups, tax departments, property and real estate taxes.

City of Cranston Property Records Property Records, Land Records, Tax Records Search City of Cranston property record by address, owner, account number, plat/section/lot/condo, or PID. Search Records

City of Cranston Tax Assessor's Office Tax Records Tax Records, Land Records, Property Records, Gis Maps View City of Cranston Tax Assessor's Office tax roll and assessor maps by account number, name, address and plat. Search Records

Cranston City Tax Assessor's Office Website Employee Directory, Tax Records, Gis Maps, Land Records, Property Records View Cranston City Tax Assessor's Office general information page, including functions, contact information, tax roll, and tax assessor maps. Search Records

Cranston Tax Collector's Office Website Employee Directory, Tax Records, Land Records View Cranston Tax Collector's office general information page, including information on how to pay bills. Search Records

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Are Tax Records open to the public?

Only certain types of Tax Records are available to the public. For example, many property Tax Records, which are maintained by different government agencies, are considered public records. They can often be accessed online. Other Tax Records, including IRS and state income tax filings, may only be available to the person named in the record or their legal representatives.

Which government agencies keep Tax Records?

Multiple different government agencies maintain Tax Records, including local County Clerk's Offices, Land Records Offices, and other municipal government offices. A variety of state government offices may have tax collecting responsibilities, including the Comptroller or Department of Revenue. At the federal level, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) maintains Tax Records related to income taxes.

Is it possible to appeal a property tax assessment?

Yes, most municipalities offer a way to appeal property tax assessments. The process typically involves filing an appeal and attending a hearing before an assessment appeal board. The specific rules and the required documents vary by location.