Cemeteries in Cortlandt, New York

There are 4 Cemeteries in Cortlandt, New York in an area of 40 square miles.

List of Cortlandt Cemeteries

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Cortlandt Cemetery Association 1033 Oregon Road Cortlandt, NY

Cortlandt Manor Assumption Cemetery 1055 Oregon Road Cortlandt, NY

Cortlandt Manor Hillside Cemetery Oregon Road Cortlandt, NY

Hillside Memorials Cemetery 1018 Oregon Road Cortlandt, NY

About Cortlandt Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Cortlandt, NY are burial grounds where cultural, ethnic, or religious burial observations and rituals are practiced. Public Cemeteries in Cortlandt make their plots available to the general public. Cortlandt Private Cemeteries restrict their use based on religious affiliation, family, ethnicity, or some other group identifier. Military Cemeteries in Westchester County are generally restricted to veterans and other individuals who have served in the armed forces. In some cases, family members of veterans may also be buried in Military Cemeteries.

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