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Oro Valley Magistrate Court 11000 North La Cañada Drive Oro Valley AZ 85737 6.5 miles from Cortaro 520-229-4780

Marana Municipal Court 11555 West Civic Center Drive Marana AZ 85653 9.5 miles from Cortaro 520-382-2700

Tucson Justice Court 115 North Church Avenue Tucson AZ 85701 11.4 miles from Cortaro 520-740-3171

Tucson Municipal Court 103 East Alameda Street Tucson AZ 85701 11.4 miles from Cortaro 520-791-4216

Pima Superior Court 110 West Congress Street Tucson AZ 85701 11.5 miles from Cortaro 520-740-4200

Tucson La Placita Village Justice Court 110 South Church Avenue Tucson AZ 85701 11.5 miles from Cortaro 520-740-3171

South Tucson Municipal Court 1601 South 6th Avenue Tucson AZ 85713 12.8 miles from Cortaro 520-917-1568

Oracle Justice Court 1470 North Justice Drive Oracle AZ 85623 26.0 miles from Cortaro 520-896-9250

Sahuarita Municipal Court 360 West Sahuarita Center Way Sahuarita AZ 85629 28.4 miles from Cortaro 520-344-7150

Green Valley Justice Court 601 North La Canada Drive Green Valley AZ 85614 33.2 miles from Cortaro 520-648-0658

Mammoth Justice Court 116 Catalina Avenue Mammoth AZ 85618 36.2 miles from Cortaro 520-487-2262

Mammoth Superior Court 118 Catalina Avenue Mammoth AZ 85618 36.2 miles from Cortaro 520-487-2928

Mammoth Municipal Court 125 North Clark Road Mammoth AZ 85618 36.3 miles from Cortaro 520-487-2331

Eloy Municipal Court 626 North Main Street Eloy AZ 85131 38.7 miles from Cortaro 520-466-3913

Eloy Justice Court 801 North Main Street Eloy AZ 85131 38.8 miles from Cortaro 520-866-7983

Winkelman Magistrate Court 206 Giffin Avenue Winkelman AZ 85192 47.4 miles from Cortaro 520-356-7854

Hayden Municipal Court 520 Velasco Avenue Hayden AZ 85135 48.0 miles from Cortaro 520-356-7801

Florence Municipal Court 775 South Main Street Florence AZ 85232 49.3 miles from Cortaro 520-868-7514

Pinal County Justice Court 400 South Central Avenue Florence AZ 85132 49.6 miles from Cortaro 520-866-7194

Coolidge Municipal Court 110 West Central Avenue Coolidge AZ 85128 49.7 miles from Cortaro 520-723-6013

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How do I file a small claims suit?

The process and rules for filing a small claims suit vary from state to state with regard to the dollar limit for small claims, the statute of limitations for filing a claim, and whether you are allowed to be represented by a lawyer. Contact the court that handles small claims in your state for details on the process for filing a claim and to obtain the proper forms.

Are there fees for filing a small claims suit?

Filing fees are generally between $30 and $100. In addition to filing fees, other costs may include service fees for serving the complaint to the defendant and collection fees if the court assists in collecting the judgment.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to going before a judge in a suit. Many small claims courts sponsor or make referrals to mediation programs where the plaintiff and defendant meet with a neutral third person to help resolve the dispute without going to court.