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What Is a Contractor License Search?

A Contractor License Search allows the public to look up contractor licenses. Contractor licenses include information about a professional tradesperson's skills and areas of expertise, as well as legal protections. Contractor licenses are maintained by the state, which also sets the requirements to receive a contractor license.

A contractor license is a permit that allows a contractor to legally perform work in the state. The license allows contractors to perform commercial or residential contracting, as well as a number of trade services, including plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical work.

Contractor License Searches contain information about contractors. To receive a contractor license, most states require contractors to pass specific written or skills tests. Each state sets their own standards for licensing, which can include exams, a criminal background check, demonstrated competency in a trade specialty, and the purchase of required insurance or bonds.

A Contractor License Search can protect individuals from hiring unlicensed contractors. Before hiring a contractor for home repairs, electrical work, or plumbing repairs, an individual can verify whether a contractor holds a license. The license not only certifies the contractor's skills in particular specialties, it also provides legal protection for cases where the client does not approve of the contractor's work.

The license record contains information on a contractor's bond and insurance. Many states require contractors to hold a bond in a specific amount, which serves as financial protection in cases where customers are unsatisfied with the contractor's work. It can also contain information about the contractor's insurance policy, which may be required in order to receive a license.

A contractor license also includes the date the license was awarded and its expiration date, as well as whether the contractor has been involved in any lawsuits or violations. Infractions relating to state laws or regulations are also included in the license record.