Conestoga Ambulance Association in Conestoga Pennsylvania

Address and phone number for Conestoga Ambulance Association, a Ambulance, at Main Street, Conestoga PA.

Conestoga Ambulance Association
3292 Main Street, Conestoga, Pennsylvania, 17516

About the Conestoga Ambulance Association

The Conestoga Ambulance Association, located in Conestoga, PA, provides emergency and non-emergency medical transport services for patients in Conestoga. Ambulance Services transports patients to hospitals, medical centers, and health care facilities in Conestoga, including transfers between medical facilities.

You may contact Ambulance Services for questions about:
  • Conestoga Ambulance Services
  • Emergency transportation in Lancaster County
  • Insurance coverage and billing
  • Conestoga Ambulance Service jobs and employment
  • Call 9-1-1 for emergencies
Conestoga Emergency Ambulance Service

The Conestoga Ambulance Association offers a range of emergency Ambulance Services for Conestoga residents. These include emergency medical transportation to a hospital or medical facility. Ambulance Services work with other emergency responders in Conestoga, including emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, first responders, the Fire Department, and the Police Department. Ambulance Services provides Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or Paramedics to provide Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support to patients during an emergency medical transport. Conestoga residents can contact Ambulance Services directly for information about emergency services or call 911 to dispatch an ambulance.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Ambulance Services also offers non-emergency medical transport for Conestoga residents. Non-emergency transport may occur on a scheduled basis, such as for patients traveling to a dialysis facility or nursing home residents visiting health care providers. Patients may also use non-emergency medical transportation when transferring from a hospital to a nursing home or long-term care facility. Conestoga elder care facilities often work with Ambulance Services on a contractual basis to provide transportation services, chair car services, and other Ambulance services.

Unscheduled Ambulance Transportation

In addition to scheduled non-emergency medical transportation, Ambulance Services also offers unscheduled transportation for Lancaster County residents. This can include cases where patients require transportation assistance to diagnose or treat a health condition, and other methods of transportation might endanger the patient's health.

Billing and Insurance for Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services provides information on billing and insurance for Lancaster County patients who use their services. They may also be able to estimate the cost of services. Contact Ambulance Services for more information about billing and insurance.

Contact the Conestoga Ambulance Association

You may contact the Conestoga Ambulance Association by calling 717-872-6053, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Conestoga Ambulance Association, 3292 Main Street, Conestoga, Pennsylvania, 17516.

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