Colorado Springs Navy Recruiter

Find Colorado Springs Colorado Navy recruiters, U.S. Navy recruiting offices, and naval recruiting stations. Navy recruiters provide information about enlisting in the Navy, the Navy ranks and pay chart, joining the Navy Seals, and officer careers.

Colorado Springs Colorado Navy Recruiter 5721 Academy Boulevard North Colorado Springs CO 80918 719-598-3901

About Colorado Springs Navy Recruiters

Colorado Springs Navy Recruiters work for the U.S. Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) to obtain qualified applicants to enlist as both Active Duty and Naval Reserve enlisted forces, as well as for Officer Candidates School in Colorado Springs, CO. The NRC has three primary objectives. First, the NRC aims to increase the quality of the Navy force through aggressive recruitment efforts that rate candidates in 72 areas. Second, the NRC manages the flow of recruits using a pool of ready recruits through the Delayed Entry Program. Third, the NRC supports overseas contingency operations through recruitment efforts that satisfy the requirements of Navy Special Warfare and Navy Special Operations. The NRC is divided into approximately 1,400 recruitment stations, including Colorado Springs recruiting offices, organized in 26 Navy Recruiting Districts that are divided into two regions. Approximately 6,000 Navy Recruiters are employed to carry out the NRC mission.

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Joining the Navy

Individuals interested in joining the Navy are advised to visit Colorado Springs Navy Recruiting Offices to learn more information and apply for enlistment. Basic requirements include Naval enlistees must meet U.S. citizenship or resident alien status, be 18 years old (17 with parental consent), have a GED or high school diploma, pass a military physical, and take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test. Colorado Springs Navy Recruiters can provide additional information about the Naval Academy officer training, active duty and reserve service member enlistment.

Colorado Springs Navy Recruiting

Colorado Springs Navy Recruiters conduct outreach through a variety of community organizations and institutions, such as Lions and Rotary Clubs, local businesses, schools, and religious organizations. Recruiters work with community leaders and maintain relationships with local media. Their interaction with community organizations and institutions entails making numerous presentations and attending recruiting events, such as job fairs and expos.

Navy Recruiter Interviews

Navy Recruiters coordinate interviews and counseling sessions, and they provide career guidance to prospective enlisted Sailors and officers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They offer detailed information on potential Navy careers and assess candidates' qualifications for enlistment. The Navy Recruiter coordinates all pre-screening, medical, and physical assessments of candidates. They also assist in processing new enlistees, as well as mentoring and preparing Colorado Springs naval enlistees for Recruit Training Command.

Navy Enlistment

The U.S. Navy has a recruitment goal of approximately 30,000 to 40,000 new enlistments per year, and the Navy Reserve has a target of about 5,000 to 10,000 per year. Diversity is incorporated into the Navy's recruiting goals, including increasing the number of minority officers in the Navy. The Navy offers a host of incentives for Colorado Springs enlistees, such as a student loan forgiveness program and enlistment bonuses. Enlistment bonuses may require an extended contract. In some cases, bonuses can be earned for entering certain fields or for certain skills, such as foreign language abilities.