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Colorado Springs City Clerk Office Business License Search Search Colorado Springs City Clerk Office business license records by business name, license type, or license number.

Colorado Springs Police Department Impounded Property Search Colorado Springs Police Department impounded vehicles list by entering the vehicle identification number which will show all fees.

Colorado Springs Tax Records View Colorado Springs new sales tax license list, including business names.

Find Colorado Springs Land Records

Colorado Springs Land Records provide information about real estate and property in Colorado Springs, Colorado. These real estate records provide information about land deeds and titles, grants, mortgages, and other important property data. Land Records are recorded and provided upon request as public records by a variety of local government offices at the local Colorado Springs, Colorado state, and Federal level.

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Find Land Records in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs Land Records, property ownership records, mortgages, deeds, titles, easements, property tax assessments, and Colorado Springs GIS maps are available as public records from clerks, tax assessors, recorders of deeds and courts. These Colorado Springs government offices may provide Land Records upon request, mail in, or directly on their websites.

Public Land Records

Land Records provide a wide variety of information about land and property including deeds, titles, easements, and tax sales. Colorado Springs deeds and titles can be obtained from the Office of the Recorder of Deeds. Property lease records including oil and gas land leases are also considered public records and can be searched for. Land leases and judgments on rights of way are essential to Colorado Springs real estate buyers and land developers. These records, along with Colorado Springs GIS maps, can be obtained as public Land Records from databases held by the Clerk and Tax Assessor Offices.

Colorado Springs Land and Property Ownership Searches

Land Records provide substantial information about Colorado Springs properties and parcels including details on ownership of land. Land and property owner searches can by conducted by researching Colorado Springs titles and deeds by address, parcel and plot number, and owner's name. Ownership records provide information on property tax assessments, property tax history, and any unpaid property taxes for land in Colorado Springs.

Tax Assessment Records in Colorado

Buyers of property in Colorado Springs use Land Records to understand a property's history and value. property tax assessments obtained from the Tax Assessor's Office provide important information about a property's history, including any unpaid property taxes, changes in property tax rates, and any previous sales and transactions. Colorado Springs property tax records are an important aspect of publicly available Land Records.

Genealogy Research

Genealogists and people searching family history records find Colorado Springs Land Records for tracing family history. Records of property and land ownership can help historians and family researchers alike discover ancestral property holdings, parcels owned by relatives, and analyze trends in population demographics.