Colorado Springs Human Resources Department

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Colorado Springs Human Resources 2862 South Circle Drive Colorado Springs CO 80906 719-226-4465

About Colorado Springs Human Resources Departments

Colorado Springs Human Resources Departments are offices at the Federal, Colorado State,, or local level of government that is responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining qualified employees in Colorado Springs, CO. HR Offices in Colorado Springs attract, develop and retain qualified government employees. They also implement and enforce personnel rules and policies, maintain employee records, enforce compliance with labor and employment laws, and manages labor relations. The Human Resources Department is also responsible for Colorado Springs government employee payroll and benefits.

You may contact the HR Department for questions about:
  • Colorado Springs government jobs and employment
  • Compensation, payroll, and benefits
  • Civil Service exams in, CO
  • Government office holiday schedule
  • Colorado Springs government employee forms and applications
Colorado Springs Government Jobs

Colorado Springs Human Resources Departments coordinate the recruitment process, in cooperation with other departments, in order to fill open Colorado Springs jobs and ensure that the organization's procedures and rules for hiring are followed. Human Resources Departments play a central role in creating and updating job descriptions, posting job announcements, both internally and externally, and reviewing submitted application materials. Human Resources also makes arrangements for interviewing and testing candidates, as well as conducting Colorado Springs background checks, drug tests, and verifying employee credentials.

Employee Training

HR Departments develop training plans that encompass training for new Colorado Springs employees and ongoing training and professional development for existing staff. The Colorado Springs Office of Human Resources also ensures that mandated licenses and certifications, such as Colorado CDL licensing, are maintained and updated as needed.

Colorado Springs Government Employee Payroll & Benefits

The Colorado Springs Department of Human Resources is responsible for processing payroll and administering government employee benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement benefits. Colorado Springs payroll and benefits administration also entails tracking employee use of leave time, including sick, vacation, and personal leave, and determining employee eligibility for various benefits. Human Resources in may also serve as a liaison to health insurance companies and other companies contracted for the provision of employee benefits.

Labor Relations

The Human Resources Department spearheads the process for negotiating contracts with employee unions in Colorado Springs. Human Resources Departments ensure that statutory timelines for opening negotiations and rules for considering contract provisions are followed. During labor negotiations, the Colorado Springs Human Resources Department usually works in consultation with labor attorneys, affected departments, and the organization's chief executive. The Human Resources Department may also be responsible for presenting proposed contracts to legislative bodies for their consideration. As part of labor relations, Human Resources Departments may also mediate labor-management disputes or play a role in processing union grievances.