Colorado Springs Charity & Non Profit

Find Colorado Springs Colorado charities and nonprofits. Charities and nonprofits provide information on charitable donations, jobs, volunteering, and events.

Alpine Autism Center 2760 Fieldstone Road Colorado Springs CO 80919 719-434-1093

Alzheimers Association 2315 Bott Avenue Colorado Springs CO 80904 719-266-8773

American Charities 3608 Galley Road Colorado Springs CO 80909 719-646-3922

Bee Vradenburg Foundation 10 Lake Circle Colorado Springs CO 80906 719-477-0185

Billie Spielman Center 25 North 20th Street Colorado Springs CO 80904 719-385-7930

Cameron Family Charitable Foundation 2823 Valley Hi Avenue Colorado Springs CO 80910 719-473-5756

Catholic Charities 14 West Bijou Street Colorado Springs CO 80903 719-475-2347

Catholic Health Initiatives Colorado Foundation 1150 Kelly Johnson Boulevard Colorado Springs CO 80920 719-557-3560

Children's Literacy Center 2928 Straus Lane Colorado Springs CO 80907 719-471-8672

Citizens Project 25 North Spruce Street Colorado Springs CO 80905 719-520-9899

Colorado Springs Pride Center 2508 East Bijou Street Colorado Springs CO 80909 719-471-4429

Dream Center 2551 Airport Road Colorado Springs CO 80910 719-632-2520

El Paso County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service 102 South Tejon Street Colorado Springs CO 80903 719-636-1532

Equal Justice Foundation 455 Bear Creek Road Colorado Springs CO 80906 719-520-1089

Foundation for Successful Living 1879 Austin Bluffs Parkway Colorado Springs CO 80918 719-227-3939

Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado 315 East Costilla Street Colorado Springs CO 80903 719-473-4455

Good News Foundation 125 North Parkside Drive Colorado Springs CO 80909 719-638-8985

Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs 4585 Hilton Parkway Colorado Springs CO 80907 719-592-1800

Joy To The World Foundation 5550 Tech Center Drive Colorado Springs CO 80919 719-260-1173

Just Cause Foundation 451 Windchime Place Colorado Springs CO 80919 719-573-5550

About Colorado Springs Charities & Non-Profits

Colorado Springs Charities are not-for-profit organizations that have a philanthropic goal in Colorado Springs, CO. The mission of a Colorado Springs Charity is to benefit the general public through its work, which is often educational, religious, or organized around public interest activities. Charities can include churches, educational organizations, hospitals or medical research organizations, or organizations tied to public universities.

You may contact Non-Profit Charitable organizations for questions about:
  • Colorado Springs nonprofit organizations
  • Making donations and volunteering
  • Colorado Springs 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations
  • Donation and contribution tax deductions
  • Colorado Springs Charity ratings and rankings
Types of Colorado Springs Charities

There are many types of Colorado Springs Charities that focus on benefiting society and the general public. Some Charities are structured to help animals, either through supporting animal welfare, wildlife conservation, or in zoos and aquariums. Other Colorado Springs charitable organizations prioritize environmental causes or health issues such as medical research, public health risks, or treating the sick and disabled. Colorado Springs nonprofits can also have educational missions, including serving as educational institutions or supporting students through funding.

International NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, are typically classified as Charities. They are organized around providing international development aid, disaster relief and humanitarian aid, or human rights advocacy and aid for children. Another major category of Charities in Colorado Springs, Colorado is organized around arts and culture, such as museums and art galleries, performing arts organizations, libraries, and public broadcasting organizations. These nonprofits preserve artistic and cultural heritage and also serve an educational mission.

Fundraising Programs

Colorado Springs nonprofits have fundraising programs and receive contributions from many different sources. Funding can come from the general public, the Colorado Springs government, private corporations and foundations, or other Charities. At least a third of a Charity's financial support must come from the general public. This funding is used by the Charity to advance its goals. Charities can also raise money through events, product or membership sales, or grants. Colorado Springs grants can come from the government, foundations, or individuals, and they typically require an application process.

501(c)3 Tax Exemption

Charities are exempt from paying certain taxes because of the contributions they make to the public. As Non-Profit organizations, Charities in Colorado do not declare a profit and instead use their revenue and fundraising to run the Charity and benefit the public interest. Legally, Charities can be organized in a number of ways to maintain their tax-exempt status. Contributions made to certain Charities, known as Colorado Springs 501(c)(3) groups, are tax-deductible for the donors, while other Charities are exempt from taxes but donations are still taxed.