Fremont County Animal Hospital

Find Fremont County Colorado animal hospitals. Animal hospitals provide animal health services such as veterinary medical, surgical, and dental care.

Fremont Veterinary Hospital 2418 Florence Avenue Cañon CO 81212 719-269-3349

Fremont Veterinary Hospital 245 Greydene Avenue Cañon CO 81212 719-269-3323

Fremont Veterinary Hospital 227 Greydene Avenue Cañon CO 81212

Rose Veterinary Hospital 1910 High Street Cañon CO 81212 719-275-1909

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Are all Animal Hospitals accredited?

No. The guidelines developed by the AAHA are professional recommendations for standards of veterinary care. Accreditation involves sending teams of consultants to evaluate Animal Hospitals on their adherence to recommended standards. Animal Hospitals are not required to be accredited.

At what age should pets be spayed or neutered?

For dogs, the typical age for spaying or neutering is between six and nine months old. For cats, the usual range is between six and eight months. The procedures are frequently performed on younger cats and dogs, especially at shelters that fix animals prior to adoption.

What vaccines are recommended for dogs and cats?

The vaccination for rabies is usually first administered at around 12 weeks of age, and it requires periodic revaccination. Rabies vaccinations are required by law. Canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, and parvovirus can be prevented using the 4-way DAPP vaccine. Feline distemper (a.k.a. panleukopenia), rhinotracheitis, calici, and chlamydia can be prevented by the 4-way FVRCP vaccine.