Denver County Assisted Living & Nursing Home

Find Denver County Colorado assisted living and nursing homes. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes provide information on senior home care assistance including independent living, retirement communities, apartment rentals and homes, and adult day care.

Assisted Living of Denver 3545 Leyden Street Denver CO 80207 303-333-0305

Eastern Star Masonic Retirement Community 2445 South Quebec Street Denver CO 80231 303-756-9489

Eldercare 2000 3077 South Rosemary Street Denver CO 80231 720-293-0028

Hallmark Nursing Center 3701 West Radcliff Avenue Denver CO 80236 303-794-6484

Health In Home Nursing 1756 North High Street Denver CO 80218 303-377-6657

HighPointe Assisted Living and Memory Care 6383 East Girard Place Denver CO 80224 720-644-8811

Holly Heights Nursing Center 6000 East Iliff Avenue Denver CO 80222 303-757-5441

Just For Seniors Living Center 1395 Vrain Street Denver CO 80204 303-893-5356

Marycrest Assisted Living 2850 Columbine Road Denver CO 80221 303-433-0282

Meadow Vista Assisted Living 3901 East Dartmouth Avenue Denver CO 80210 303-756-6589

Monaco Adult Day Care 6675 East Tennessee Avenue Denver CO 80224 303-333-2299

New Beginning Nursing Assistant Program 1472 Jersey Street Denver CO 80220 720-377-7114

Serenity House Assisted Living 5290 East Yale Circle Denver CO 80222 303-584-8926

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About Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

What is the difference between Assisted Living and a Nursing Home?

The residents at an Assisted Living facility typically have a higher degree of independence than Nursing Home residents. Nursing Home residents require nursing medical attention on a daily basis, while Assisted Living residents may not require ongoing medical attention. The residential facilities may differ, with Assisted Living facilities offering apartments while Nursing Homes have single or semi-private rooms.

Does Medicare or Medicaid cover Assisted Living or Nursing Homes?

Medicare does not typically cover Assisted Living facilities, but it may cover Nursing Home services. Lower-income seniors can use Medicaid to help pay for Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Home services. Veterans Benefits, long-term care insurance, and life insurance may also provide financial assistance to pay for Assisted Living.

Are there age requirements for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes?

The age requirements for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes vary depending on the state and facility. Some facilities allow residents of all ages, with stipulations that a certain percentage of the population must be older adults. Other states require a minimum age of 65 to live in an Assisted Living facility or Nursing Home.