Chumuckla Animal Hospital

Find Chumuckla Florida animal hospitals. Animal hospitals provide animal health services such as veterinary medical, surgical, and dental care.

Ark Animal Hospital 3648 Berryhill Road Milton FL 32571 10.3 miles from Chumuckla 850-994-0677

Chemstrand Oaks Veterinary Hospital 10229 Chemstrand Road Pensacola FL 32514 17.0 miles from Chumuckla 850-474-1922

Scenic Hills Veterinary Hospital 1301 East 9 Mile Road Pensacola FL 32514 17.7 miles from Chumuckla 850-477-6225

Davis Animal Hospital 8560 North Davis Highway Pensacola FL 32514 18.6 miles from Chumuckla 850-479-9484

Olive Road Animal Hospital 2605 East Olive Road Pensacola FL 32514 19.3 miles from Chumuckla 850-477-2901

Ferry Pass Animal Hospital 8065 North 9th Avenue Pensacola FL 32514 19.3 miles from Chumuckla 850-478-0287

Lee Veterinary Clinic 484 Bachelor Road Atmore AL 36502 19.4 miles from Chumuckla 251-368-8668

Gull Point Animal Hospital 3800 Creighton Road Pensacola FL 32504 20.2 miles from Chumuckla 850-477-1865

Spanish Trail Veterinary Hospital 6801 Spanish Trail Road Pensacola FL 32504 20.7 miles from Chumuckla 850-479-1838

Pensacola Airport Animal Hospital 6209 North 9th Avenue Pensacola FL 32504 20.9 miles from Chumuckla 850-476-0172

Animal Hospital of Pensacola 5001 North 12th Avenue Pensacola FL 32504 21.9 miles from Chumuckla 850-479-2900

Brentwood Animal Hospital 5101 North Palafox Street Pensacola FL 32505 22.4 miles from Chumuckla 850-434-2646

Atmore Animal Hospital 804 East Nashville Avenue Atmore AL 36502 22.4 miles from Chumuckla 251-368-9103

Steadman Veterinary Hospital 4230 North Davis Highway Pensacola FL 32503 22.7 miles from Chumuckla 850-432-9662

Olive Branch Pet Hospital 4220 North Davis Highway Pensacola FL 32503 22.7 miles from Chumuckla 850-477-2901

Brewton Animal Hospital 102 East Granberry Street Brewton AL 36426 24.5 miles from Chumuckla 251-867-4355

East Hill Animal Hospital 1010 North 12th Avenue Pensacola FL 32501 25.0 miles from Chumuckla 850-437-9932

East Hill Animal Hospital 805 East Gadsden Street Pensacola FL 32501 25.3 miles from Chumuckla 850-437-9932

Pensacola Veterinary Hospital 804 North New Warrington Road Pensacola FL 32506 25.4 miles from Chumuckla 850-453-2373

Westside Animal Hospital of Northwest Fiorida 711 North Fairfield Drive Pensacola FL 32506 26.1 miles from Chumuckla 850-453-3463

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About Animal Hospitals

Are all Animal Hospitals accredited?

No. The guidelines developed by the AAHA are professional recommendations for standards of veterinary care. Accreditation involves sending teams of consultants to evaluate Animal Hospitals on their adherence to recommended standards. Animal Hospitals are not required to be accredited.

At what age should pets be spayed or neutered?

For dogs, the typical age for spaying or neutering is between six and nine months old. For cats, the usual range is between six and eight months. The procedures are frequently performed on younger cats and dogs, especially at shelters that fix animals prior to adoption.

What vaccines are recommended for dogs and cats?

The vaccination for rabies is usually first administered at around 12 weeks of age, and it requires periodic revaccination. Rabies vaccinations are required by law. Canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, and parvovirus can be prevented using the 4-way DAPP vaccine. Feline distemper (a.k.a. panleukopenia), rhinotracheitis, calici, and chlamydia can be prevented by the 4-way FVRCP vaccine.