02745 Cemetery

Find 02745 cemeteries, memorial parks, mausoleums, graveyards, gravesites, graves or mortuaries. Cemeteries provide information on funerals and burial services including internment, headstones and grave markers, burial grounds, cemetery plots, vaults, crypts, as well as burial records for national, state,.

New Bedford Pine Grove Cemetery 1100 Ashley Boulevard New Bedford MA 02745 508-991-6191

New Bedford Sacred Heart Cemetery 559 Mount Pleasant Street New Bedford MA 02745 508-998-1195

Polish National Cemetery 200 Welby Road New Bedford MA 02745 508-990-8020

Workmans Circle Cemetery 1400 Old Plainville Road New Bedford MA 02747 1.6 miles from 02745 617-244-6509

Peckham West Cemetery 395 Mount Pleasant Street New Bedford MA 02746 2.8 miles from 02745 508-991-6191

Fairhaven Riverside Cemetery 274 Main Street Fairhaven MA 02719 4.0 miles from 02745 508-999-6978

North Dartmouth St Marys Cemetery Wilbur Court Dartmouth MA 02747 4.2 miles from 02745 508-993-2229

North Dartmouth Evergreen Cemetery Old Fall River Road Dartmouth MA 02747 4.2 miles from 02745 508-910-1813

Chace Cemetery 91 Chace Road Freetown MA 02717 4.9 miles from 02745 508-763-5721

New Bedford St Johns Cemetery 664 Allen Street New Bedford MA 02740 5.3 miles from 02745 508-992-1071

New Bedford Rural Cemetery 149 Dartmouth Street New Bedford MA 02740 5.4 miles from 02745 508-991-6191

South Dartmouth Cemetery 507 Elm Street Dartmouth MA 02748 7.3 miles from 02745 508-992-2295

Marion Evergreen Cemetery Mill Street Marion MA 02738 9.1 miles from 02745 508-748-3541

Old Landing Cemetery Ryder Lane Marion MA 02738 9.4 miles from 02745 508-748-3541

Fall River St Patricks Cemetery 2233 Robeson Street Fall River MA 02720 9.5 miles from 02745 508-679-2535

Little Neck Cemetery Hermitage Road Marion MA 02738 9.8 miles from 02745 508-748-3541

North Marion Cemetery County Road Marion MA 02738 9.8 miles from 02745 508-748-3541

Fall River Oak Grove Cemetery 765 Prospect Street Fall River MA 02720 9.8 miles from 02745 508-324-2750

Fall River North Burial Ground Cemetery 1360 North Main Street Fall River MA 02720 10.3 miles from 02745 508-672-3041

Fall River St Johns Cemetery 258 Brightman Street Fall River MA 02720 10.4 miles from 02745 508-679-2535

About Cemeteries

How much does a burial plot at a Cemetery cost?

On average, a single space burial plot will cost between $1,000 and $3,000. However, the total cost of a funeral may exceed $10,000 because of the cost of a casket, funeral home charges, a headstone or grave-marker, and other expenses.

What can be done if a Cemetery is not adequately maintaining its grounds?

If contacting the owner or operator does not resolve the issue, complaints can be directed to a state Cemeteries commission or consumer affairs office.

Are there restrictions on what items a family may leave at a burial site?

Most Cemeteries restrict what can be left at a gravesite and how long items may be left there. These restrictions are meant to preserve the aesthetics of the Cemetery and to minimize obstructions to maintenance activities. Cemeteries generally reserve the right to remove flowers and other items from a gravesite after a specified period of time.