Casa Montessori School in DeLand Florida

Address and phone number for Casa Montessori School, a Private School, at North Stone Street, DeLand FL.

Casa Montessori School
217 North Stone Street, DeLand, Florida, 32720

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About Casa Montessori School

Casa Montessori School, located in DeLand, FL, is a private school that operates independently of the DeLand public school system. Private Schools receive funding through tuition, student fees, and private contributions. The Private School has selective admissions and can choose who to admit as a student.

You may contact Private Schools for questions about:
  • DeLand Private School enrollment and applications
  • School tuition, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities
  • DeLand Private School curriculum
  • College admission rates
  • Volusia County Private School test scores
Enrollment Policies

Unlike DeLand Public Schools, which must enroll students living within the district boundaries, a Private School has selective admissions. This means the Private School can choose whether or not to enroll an applicant. The Private School sets its own enrollment policies, including the application process, required tests, and interviews. For more information about enrollment policies, contact Casa Montessori School.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Casa Montessori School charges school tuition for students in Volusia County. The Private School sets the annual tuition rate each year. Students can also apply for financial aid and scholarships through the Private School, which can partially or fully cover tuition. In addition to tuition, the Private School may also charge for extracurricular activities, lessons, and meals.

Private School Curriculum

The Private School sets its own curriculum, which differs from the Florida state Public School curriculum. The Private School creates curriculum standards, assessment policies, and testing policies to meet its goals. Contact Casa Montessori School for more information about the curriculum.

DeLand Private School Accreditation

In DeLand, Private Schools typically register with the Florida Department of Education. The Private School follows Florida regulations on the length of the school year, reporting requirements, and health and safety requirements. While the Private School may hold a license or registration from Florida state, the school sets its own administrative systems, personnel standards, and curriculum.

Contact Casa Montessori School

You may contact Casa Montessori School by calling 386-734-5454, or by addressing inquiries to the office mailing address: Casa Montessori School, 217 North Stone Street, DeLand, Florida, 32720.