Yuba County Aviation Department

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About Yuba County Aviation Departments

Yuba County Aviation Departments, also known as Aviation Bureaus, are charged with ensuring aviation safety, planning for sufficient airport capacity, and continuously modernizing and maintaining the integrated national aviation system in Yuba County, CA. Aviation Departments can be found at the federal level and in each of the fifty states, including California. Some Yuba County and local governments also have Aviation Departments. They are primarily responsible for managing and operating any Yuba County public airports in their jurisdiction if an airport authority has not yet been established.

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The Federal Aviation Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, is the national Aviation Department. The FAA promotes safety by regulating Yuba County civil aviation and by making assessments of foreign air carriers' adherence to international safety standards. The FAA operates the national air traffic control system and regulates pilot certification in the U.S. The FAA also manages the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS), which guides federal funding for capital investments in the national network of airports. This funding is distributed to eligible Yuba County airports through the FAA's Airport Investment Program (AIP).

California Aviation Department

Aviation Departments at the California State level are usually part of the CA Department of Transportation. The California Aviation Bureau is responsible for updating and maintaining a State Airport System Plan (SASP). These plans assess the current conditions of the airport system within California and identify the future needs of the system. California plans are incorporated into the FAA's NPIAS and help to determine how AIP funds are awarded. California may match AIP grants to supplement capital funding to individual Yuba County airports.

Yuba County Public Airport Safety

California Aviation Departments inspect and certify public use airports in Yuba County and manage the process of aircraft registration in California. State Aviation Departments provide educational and training programs for pilots, aircraft technicians, and aircraft inspectors. California Aviation Departments also maintain and operate a small number of state-owned aircraft. These aircraft are used for Yuba County emergency response, aerial mapping, and specialized services.