Ventura County FBI Office

Find Ventura County California FBI Offices, field offices, facilities and locations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI Offices provide information on criminal investigations, probes, the FBI most wanted list, application/requirements and eligibility for special agent recruitment, training and employment, FBI background checks and tips hotline.

Ventura California FBI Office 2075 South Victoria Avenue Ventura CA 93003 805-642-3995

About Ventura County FBI Offices

The Ventura County FBI Office is one of the 56 Field Offices or 350 Resident Agencies of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Ventura County, CA. The FBI is a national security organization, situated as the primary investigative agency within the U.S. Department of Justice. The FBI's intelligence and law-enforcement authorities and responsibilities are designed to protect against security threats to the U.S. The local FBI Office in Ventura County investigates specific crimes under its jurisdiction and provides other Ventura County and California law enforcement agencies with a variety of cooperative services. The FBI also gathers, shares, and analyzes intelligence as a member of the U.S. intelligence community.

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  • Identity theft and fraud
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  • FBI most wanted list
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Ventura County FBI Field Offices

Much of the intelligence and investigative work of the FBI is carried out at FBI Field Offices. A Special Agent in Charge heads most of the Field Offices, while an Assistant Director in Charge heads the very largest Field Offices. There are subdivisions within the Field Offices, referred to as Resident Agencies, which are located in smaller cities and towns. The Ventura County Resident Agencies are headed by Supervisory Special Agents.

Ventura County FBI Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations by the Ventura County FBI concentrate on the most significant threats to U.S. society. In addition to investigating major violent crimes, such as mass killings, gang activity, crimes against children, and bank robberies, the FBI leads investigations of white-collar crimes, public corruption, cybercrimes, and civil rights violations in Ventura County, CA. Criminal investigations often involve a high degree of cooperation with other California State and local Ventura County law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies.

National Security & Intelligence

The FBI's Intelligence Branch produces the intelligence necessary to carry out Ventura County FBI operations and for the FBI to collaborate with partnering agencies. The National Security Branch of the FBI works to detect, deter, and disrupt threats from terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, and conducts counter-intelligence operations. This branch maintains the terrorist watch list and coordinates interrogation activities. The activities of the national security and intelligence programs are integrated into the work of the Ventura County FBI Field Offices and Resident Agencies.