Ventura County DEA Office

Find Ventura County California DEA Offices (Drug Enforcement Agency). DEA Offices provide information on DEA licenses, certificates, verifications, drug identifiers, drug abuse, the war on drugs, most wanted lists, jobs, and careers as a DEA agent.

Camarillo California DEA Office 770 Paseo Camarillo Camarillo CA 93010 805-383-6454

About Ventura County DEA Offices

Ventura County DEA Offices are branch locations of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice whose mission is to enforce controlled substance laws and regulations in Ventura County, CA and nationwide. In addition to enforcement activities aimed at bringing individuals and organizations involved in illicit drug trafficking to justice, Ventura County DEA Offices support other law enforcement programs designed to reduce the availability of illegal controlled substances.

The DEA is organized into 21 domestic divisions with a total of more than 200 offices, including the field offices in Ventura County. Another 90 DEA offices are located in 69 foreign countries. The agency is made up of more than 5,000 agents and nearly 6,000 support staff.

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DEA Controlled Substances

The DEA has many responsibilities, such as investigating violations of controlled substance laws and preparing cases in order to prosecute violators. The DEA also manages a drug intelligence program in cooperation with other federal authorities, California and local Ventura County governments, and foreign officials. The DEA is responsible for the seizure of assets involved in Ventura County drug trafficking.

DEA Registrations & Licenses

The Ventura County DEA Office enforces aspects of the Controlled Substances Act that relate to the manufacture and distribution of legally produced controlled substances through providing DEA licenses. Applying for and receiving a valid DEA license is required for production and research of controlled substances. Physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals in Ventura County that distribute and administer legal use of controlled substances are required to register with the DEA, comply with controlled substance legislation, and maintain an active DEA registration number. DEA license renewals are required to legally possess controlled substances in Ventura County. The DEA's Diversion Control Program is aimed at preventing the illegal use of controlled pharmaceuticals without disrupting or impeding their medical, scientific, or other legitimate uses.

Ventura County DEA Investigations

The Ventura County DEA collaborates with other law enforcement agencies at the federal, California State, and Ventura County levels on mutual enforcement efforts, including interstate and international investigations. The DEA channels resources to CA and local enforcement agencies in order to support their efforts through programs such as Asset Seizure, technical assistance for drug lab cleanup, and initiatives along the Southwest border and other high-intensity drug trafficking areas. Much of the DEA's work also involves coordinating with foreign and international agencies in order to eradicate or replace drug crops, investigate money laundering, and conduct other cooperative investigations in Ventura County.

Ventura County Community Outreach

Prevention efforts by the DEA focus on the demand side of the drug trade through a Community Outreach Strategy. The Community Outreach Strategy is intended to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use by disseminating drug information to Ventura County youths, parents, caregivers, and educators.