San Mateo County Board Of Elections

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San Mateo County Board of Elections 40 Tower Road San Mateo CA 94402 650-312-5222

About San Mateo County Board of Elections

The San Mateo County Board of Elections is a local government office responsible for carrying out virtually all aspects of public elections, including general elections, caucuses, primaries, special elections, and referenda in San Mateo County, CA. The San Mateo County Elections Department ensures the accuracy of election results and the fairness and legality of elections.

You may contact the Board of Elections for questions about:
  • San Mateo County election results
  • Election poll locations
  • Registering to vote in San Mateo County, California
  • Voter records
  • Volunteering on Election Day
San Mateo County Voter Records

Voter registrations, voter records and election results considered public records are available for public request in San Mateo County, California. While votes are considered private, San Mateo County voter registrations and party affiliations are considered public information and can be accessed via the San Mateo County Board of Elections.

San Mateo County Elections Board Responsibilities
  1. San Mateo County Voter Registration
  2. Election Planning and Preparedness
  3. Election Day Activities in San Mateo County
Voter Registration

San Mateo County voter registration entails maintaining the jurisdiction's list of registered voters and ensuring the accuracy of voter registration information. The Board of Elections processes and verifies voter registration applications submitted by San Mateo County residents. The Board of Elections may also conduct outreach to eligible voters at regular intervals, to keep voter list information up to date.

San Mateo County Elections Planning & Polls

As part of the election preparation process, the Board of Elections maintains information on San Mateo County voting districts and establishes polling places for each district. The Board of Elections prepares San Mateo County election ballots, ensuring the accuracy of candidates' names and the wording of any referendum or ballot questions. The Board of Elections also prepares and manages the issuance of CA absentee ballots and prepares ballots for vote-by-mail and early voting. The Board of Elections provides training for all San Mateo County poll workers and volunteers. The maintenance of voting machines and related equipment is also under the responsibility of the Office. The Board of Elections ensures that all these tasks are completed in accordance with statutory schedules and deadlines.

Elections Day Activities in San Mateo County, California

On Election Day, the San Mateo County Board of Registrars provides polling places with ballots, voting machines, personnel, and other resources. Throughout Election Day, the Board of Elections manages and monitors polling places and maintains communication with California State officials regarding any issues or irregularities that arise. At the conclusion of voting, the Elections Board is responsible for tallying the results and reporting them to state officials and the public.