San Diego County Child Abuse Prevention Center

Find San Diego County California child abuse prevention centers. Child abuse prevention centers are social service offices which provide child protective services to families.

Promises2Kids 9440 Ruffin Court San Diego CA 92123 858-278-4400

Promises2Kids 9440 Ruffin Court San Diego CA 92123 858-278-4400

San Diego Child Welfare Services 6950 Levant Street San Diego CA 92111 858-560-2191

San Diego Child Welfare Services 6950 Levant Street San Diego CA 92111 858-560-2191

About San Diego County Child Abuse Prevention

San Diego County Child Abuse Prevention is a service or agency that protects children from abuse or neglect and promotes the welfare of children that are vulnerable to abuse or victims of abuse in San Diego County, CA. Child Abuse Prevention may be one component of a San Diego County Child, Youth, and Family Services or similar agency, or it may be established as a stand-alone agency. In addition to government agencies responsible for Child Abuse Prevention, numerous non-profit organizations exist with complementary missions to protect children in San Diego County from abuse and neglect.

You may contact Child Abuse Prevention for questions about:
  • San Diego County Child Abuse and neglect prevention programs
  • Identifying the signs of child abuse
  • Improving the lives of children in the San Diego County community
  • Volunteering as a tutor, mentor or coach
  • Child safety and victims of child abuse
California Child Abuse Prevention Agencies in San Diego County

State agencies responsible for California Child Abuse Prevention investigate cases of suspected abuse, neglect, or abandonment of children in San Diego County and evaluate and intervene on behalf of victims. Many agencies employ caseworkers to monitor children and to arrange for necessary rehabilitative services for families in need. The work of Child Abuse Prevention agencies in San Diego County often involves close collaboration with law enforcement agencies and the legal system. Prevention services, such as home visits to new and expectant parents and public information and educational initiatives, are common activities in Child Abuse Prevention agencies. Most also offer hotline telephone services for reporting suspected child abuse. Child Abuse Prevention agencies are often responsible for regulating and coordinating processes related to San Diego County adoptions, foster care, and transitional placements.

San Diego County Child Abuse Prevention Nonprofits

Numerous nonprofit agencies have been established around all aspects of Child Abuse Prevention, including legal services, advocacy, public education, victim support and recovery, family rehabilitation, and training for service providers. Child Abuse Prevention programming has been incorporated into various settings and institutions, including San Diego County schools, prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, and places of worship. These activities may be operated and funded by California state or federal government resources or by nonprofit agencies, and they may be tailored to general or targeted populations in San Diego County.

San Diego County Child Bureau

The Child Bureau (CB) within the U.S. Health and Human Services Administration provides funding to California State and tribal organizations for programming that promotes stable families and a variety of domestic violence prevention and treatment services. It provides technical assistance and training to CA state and tribes in San Diego County child protection, the prevention of maltreatment, in-home services for families, and assistance for infants at risk of abandonment. San Diego County CB Offices help investigate reports of child abuse and help homeless children stay out of shelters and find stable homes. The Child Bureau also manages a reporting system that collects data on reports of San Diego County child abuse, analyzes the data, and makes the information available to the public.